Federal government reopens and raises debt ceiling

Dear Members of the Johns Hopkins University Community,
Late last night, the Senate and House delivered compromise legislation to the president of the United States, allowing government operations to resume and avoiding a financial default. For Johns Hopkins University and many others in Maryland and around the nation, this is welcome news.
The deal provides for, among other things, appropriations at the current level of spending for all government agencies through Jan. 15, 2014, and back pay to furloughed workers. Additionally, House and Senate leaders have agreed to appoint conferees to the overdue bicameral conference on the budget with the intention of crafting a financial framework no later than Dec. 13; their efforts will lay the groundwork for subsequent tax and entitlement reform legislation.
This is progress, but the return to normalcy represents only a short-term reprieve. We may very well find ourselves in a similar situation in January or February if movement is not made on broader reform and if sequestration isn't altered or repealed.
Because of the ongoing uncertainty, and because this shutdown is but the latest of a series of federal financial challenges facing Johns Hopkins, university leaders will continue to work with the schools and divisions to comprehensively analyze and manage both expected and unanticipated developments.
Over the last 16 days, our researchers and others from around the university felt the effects of the shutdown to varying degrees. Many of you felt uncertainty over grant funding, while a smaller number of you faced “stop work” orders on specific projects. All of you handled the challenges with your characteristic commitment to the work we do at Johns Hopkins.
We anticipate that it may take a few days for agencies to resume normal operations, and we will continue to share developments on our shutdown website (http://web.jhu.edu/2013fedshutdown/) as they become available.
Robert C. Lieberman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs