Federal Government Shutdown and Johns Hopkins

Dear Colleagues,
We wanted to update you on the impact of the ongoing federal government shutdown on Johns Hopkins Medicine.
So far, The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine have not experienced significant disruptions. We have received a small number of “stop work” orders for a very limited number of specific projects, and administration has received reports that researchers and students who rely on government resources, such as the Library of Congress, have been unable to access them. Some researchers who collaborate with federal employees have not been able to reach them or gain access to labs at federal facilities.
With respect to clinical trials, we have received no official communication from NIH or other federal agencies restricting enrollment; unless you hear from your program officer, please continue to enroll new research participants. Since clinicaltrials.gov is being maintained by minimal staff and because journal editors require registration prior to patient enrollment, you may have trouble registering your trial. Please save a screenshot of the website indicating it was not active on the day you attempted to register your trial.
For the latest information from university leadership and all federal agencies, please visit web.jhu.edu/2013fedshutdown/index.html. We will continue to update this site and you as new information becomes available.
Thank you for all you do for our patients, programs and the Johns Hopkins Medicine community. Together we will manage through this.
Daniel E. Ford, M.D., M.P.H.
Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Landon S. King, M.D.
Executive Vice Dean
Vice Dean for Research
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine