Deadlines due to Government Shutdown

Good Morning,

We would like to thank all of the departments and faculty who submitted their applications to ORA for review while we wait for NIH to re-open and post the new application deadlines.

We have received many inquiries about how applications will be processed once NIH re-opens and issues new grant application deadlines.  Those inquiries include questions about how we will handle those applications from faculty who have made subsequent changes to their science documents,  as well as questions about those faculty who have not submitted their application to ORA for review.  

ORA will accept applications from  those researchers who did not previously submitt an application to ORA for review.  However, ORA MUST receive these application 5 business days before the new posted deadline date, without exception.
For those applications that were already received and reviewed by ORA, the faculty may change or update the Research Strategy, Specific Aims, and/or Bibliography sections up to 3 business days before the posted new due date.  Please work with your Grants Associate on the proper procedure of switching out those documents in your application.
For any applications submitted to under the new deadline that are deemed error free, ORA will not honor any change/corrected requests.
Please contact your Grants Associate with any questions or concerns.