Notice on NIH grant submissions

NIH sent out a notice regarding information to answer any questions people may have on the impact of the government shutdown.  In this notice, NIH strongly encourages us to not submit paper or electronic grant applications during this period of lapse.  NIH will announce adjustments to application submission dates that occur during this lapse once operations are resumed.

ORA encourages the departments to conduct business as usual.  Please continue submitting your applications to ORA.  We will continue to review all of the applications, but will not be submitting them.  Once operations are resumed and NIH announces the new deadline dates, ORA will begin submitting the applications in our queue.
Here is the link for the notice:
We have received questions about DOD applications that are also due during this time.  Until we receive notice, it will be business as usual with DOD applications.  We will continue to review and submit them.