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Welfare, Children, & Families: a three city study/ cityscape illustration w/ flowers


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How to Access Public Release Data

Data from all three waves (1999, 2001 and 2005) of the survey and both waves (1999 and 2001) of the embedded developmental study are available for general public use through two sources:  the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan and Sociometrics, Inc.  For more information, click here for ICPSR and click here for Sociometrics, Inc.   Illustration- houses

In addition, a restricted-use version of the data is also available through ICPSR. The restricted use file includes the contents of the general use file plus Census tract and block group identifiers for all three survey waves.  The identifiers may be useful to researchers interested in contextual analysis.  To obtain these restricted files, researchers must agree to the terms and conditions of a Restricted Data Use Agreement in accordance with existing ICPSR servicing policies.  A Restricted Data Use Agreement is available for download on the ICPSR download page associated with this study.

We expect that additional, highly-confidential information will be added to the files in July 2009.  This information will include exact GPS position of the household, teachers' reports of the children's school performance, and administrative records of TANF and Food Stamp receipt.  Files with this level of confidential information will only be available for public access at a data enclave at ICPSR.  More detail will be posted on this site as the time for release draws near.

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