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  1. Study Abroad Mission Statement
    Academic Ethics
    Eligibility for Study Abroad
    Study Abroad Eligibility: Leave of Absence
    Academic Excellence and Intercultural Competency
    Study Abroad in your Home Country or Country of Citizenship
    Study Abroad Housing Policy

    Study Abroad Mission Statement
    The Mission of the Office of Study Abroad at Johns Hopkins University is to promote, support and develop international programs that foster creativity, discovery and excellence in undergraduate education. These international programs are developed and evaluated in collaboration with the faculty and deans of the Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering to ensure that they complement the Hopkins curriculum, promote intercultural competencies, and encourage students to reflect on their values, identities, and roles as world citizens.

    Academic Ethics
    All study abroad students are bound by the Johns Hopkins University code of Academic ethics both during the application process and while abroad. Students are obliged to refrain from acts which they know, or under circumstances have reason to know, violate the academic integrity of the University. Violations of academic ethics include, but are not limited to: cheating; plagiarism; submitting the same or substantially similar work to satisfy the requirements of more than one course without permission; submitting as one's own the same or substantially similar work of another; knowingly furnishing false information to any agent of the University for inclusion in academic records; falsification, forgery, alteration, destruction or misuse of official University documents or seal. All students must sign a Conditions of Participation agreement to adhere to this policy as part of the application process.

    Eligibility for Study Abroad
    Students are required to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor prior to applying to study abroad. Hopkins has a dual application process, whereby you apply to the Hopkins-approved study abroad program of your choice and apply to Hopkins to transfer credit from that program toward your Hopkins degree. You must obtain a pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major or minor to apply study abroad courses toward major or minor requirements.

    You must meet both the eligibility requirements for Johns Hopkins and your study abroad program:

    1. Johns Hopkins Eligibility Requirements:
    • Term GPA of 3.00 the semester of application
    • Enrollment in the equivalent of at least 15 credits per semester while abroad

    • Students must complete at least 60 credits at the Homewood Campus
    • Students must complete their last semester in residence at the Homewood Campus
    • Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing

    2. Program Eligibility Requirements: Each University and Study Abroad Program will have different eligibility requirements. You should review the following common requirements to make sure you are eligible for admission to your chosen program.
    • Language proficiency requirements. You must be able to demonstrate proficiency at the college level, either through courses taken at a U.S. college or university, AP credit or university administered placement tests.
    • GPA Requirements (3.0-3.8 on a 4.0 scale)
    • One year or more of college-level education
    • Course prerequisites: You must be qualified to take your overseas courses, and you must have course prerequisites as determined by the host institution in order to register for classes abroad.

    Study Abroad Eligibility: Leave of Absence
    Eligibility for Study Abroad at Johns Hopkins is based, in part, on academic record and progress toward the degree. Students are required to have a minimum JHU term GPA of 3.0 the semester prior to application in order to be eligible to study abroad. Students who have been on Leave of Absence the semester prior to application may be conditionally accepted pending academic performance in the semester of application. Students may not apply for study abroad while on Leave of Absence. Students must be enrolled the semester of application to be eligible to study abroad. As always, study abroad is a dual application process and students must meet the eligibility requirements of both Johns Hopkins and their host institution.

    Academic Excellence and Intercultural Competency
    Johns Hopkins' Office of Study Abroad supports international programs that meet learning goals in four key domains:
    Intellectual Development
    • Language and Communication Skills
    • Cognitive and Interpersonal Growth
    • Intrapersonal Growth

    Johns Hopkins views cultural immersion as a key component of the study abroad experience and encourages students to apply to programs that foster intercultural competencies. These learning goals are best met through direct-enrollment at universities abroad, Hopkins-departmental programs, and select third party programs that meet academic criteria established by the Faculty Advisory Committee on Study Abroad.

    Study Abroad in your Home Country or Country of Citizenship
    Study Abroad affords students the opportunity to complement the Johns Hopkins curriculum with academic programs and intercultural experiences that broaden and enhance their global education. International students who return to their home country do not address the spirit and intention of study abroad as an intercultural, as well as an academic, experience. International students are encouraged to take full advantage of study abroad opportunities by pursuing studies outside the United States and their home countries.

    Johns Hopkins will not approve study abroad at locations where students have completed secondary education or where they have lived and/or worked within eight years of matriculation at Johns Hopkins. Students who wish to take courses at universities in their home countries will be asked to petition the Faculty Advisory Committee for Study Abroad. Students must present a strong academic rationale for the program and address the issue of cultural competency. Please contact Dr. Citti at for information on the petition process.

    Study Abroad Housing Policy
    Johns Hopkins University vets and approves study abroad programs based on academic quality, cultural immersion, and health/safety practices. As a component of each study abroad program, housing is an integral aspect of the abroad experience in that it promotes language and communication skills and provides opportunities for personal growth.  In addition to meeting these learning goals, housing organized by the program sponsor provides an additional layer of safety and security. 

    For these reasons, Johns Hopkins University requires the use of program-established housing in home stays, residences, dormitories, or program-provided apartments by all Hopkins students on approved study abroad programs.  Furthermore, Johns Hopkins University strongly encourages students to participate in a home stay experience if that option is available. Students who want to make independent housing arrangements should set up an appointment to meet with the Director of Study Abroad to discuss options and sign a waiver.