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  1. Please stay tuned for updates on the 2017 intersession abroad options as details are finalized.

    Information will also be provided at individual info sessions as well as the
    Intersession Abroad Fair
    Thursday, September 15th, 2016
    5-7pm in Hodson Lobby

  2. Brazil
    NEW: Denmark (details to come)


    NEW: Germany (details to come)
  3. Paris: Offered even years only
  4. Salamanca
    Scholarship Information

    All programs are 3 credits* and open to students of all majors. All of the courses are taught in English*.
    *The Salamanca program is 6 credits and courses are taught in Spanish.

    Application deadline for all Hopkins Intersession programs is October 1
    (or the following Monday if this date falls on the weekend).

    Program costs range from $5,000 to $8,000.

  5. Please note that Hopkins Intersession Abroad Programs are open to JHU students only.

    Please see the Travel Health information for all Johns Hopkins University Intersession programs on consultations and immunizations from Johns Hopkins Travel Medicine.

    Scholarship Opportunities
    Several scholarship opportunities are available for intersession programs abroad. Awards will range from $500 to $3,000. Students who complete a scholarship application will be reviewed for all of the scholarship opportunities through the Office of Study Abroad, but students will only be able to receive one award. Applications are reviewed and evaluated on the basis of students' written essays, academic merit, faculty references, and financial need. Students must submit the scholarship application, along with an unofficial transcript, letter of reference, and personal statement by October 2. Details about the individual funding sources are below (or coming soon).

    Hansen Fellows
    The Christian (’87) and Holly Hansen scholarship helps provide study abroad funds for academically qualified students with demonstrated financial need. All students who have applied to a Hopkins Intersession program are eligible. See above for an application.

    Intersession Programs

  6. Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Culture & History in Salvador da Bahia
    Informational Flyer
    Tentative Schedule
    Credits: 3 (H)
    Dates: January 7- January 26, 2017
    Language of Instruction: English
    2016 Program Cost: $5,640 (includes housing, excursions, some meals, no air)
    Instructor: Flavia De Azeredo Cerqueira
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jessica Mervis 

    Info Session

    Make this winter in Baltimore your summer in Brazil! Study Afro-Brazilian culture and history while having a Portuguese language immersion experience in this rich agricultural, industrial and vibrant maritime district. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to live and study in Salvador da Bahia, one of Brazil's foremost cultural centers. Take a walk on the cobblestone streets of the restored Pelourinho district "old city" a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the largest group of Baroque buildings in the Americas, examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments. Join a street celebration and feel the infectious rhythms of Bahia's African-inspired music and dance. Taste acaraje, moqueca, vatapa and other delicious Afro-Brazilian dishes while earning 3 credits.

    Open to all majors.

  7. Cuba: Cuban Society and its Cultures
    Informational Flyer
  8. Credits: 3 (H)
    Tentative Dates: January 4-18, 2017
    Language of Instruction: English
    2016 Program Cost: $6,600 (Includes airfare)
    Instructors: Professor Eduardo Gonzalez, Janet Gomez
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jessica Mervis
    Assessment: Active participation, attendance, final paper

  9. Open to all majors.

  10. A Spanish colony from 1492 until 1898, and up to 1959 an independent nation, yet much dependent on the United States, Cuba opposed such political dependence as the main goal of its Revolution. Besides the colonial and modern cultural legacies of Spain, Cuba is also remarkable for its roots in the African diaspora.  Since 1959 Cuba experienced the migration of many of its citizens into Florida and other areas in the United States. In many ways Cuban society and its cultures are always in flux between the island and the US mainland.  Through select readings, films, site visits, and meetings with experts and artists, we will study and enjoy the distinctive character of Cuba in the fictional and real lives of its people home and abroad as well as in flux between both nations.
  11. Ecuador & Galapagos: Tropical Biology & Evolution
    Informational Flyer
    Credits: 3 (N)
    Dates: January 5, 6 on campus; January 7-19, 2017 Ecuador
    Language of Instruction: English
    2016 Program Cost: $7,650 (Includes airfare and immunizations)
    Instructors: Dr. Cindy Moss, Richard Shingles, Farrah Madison, Christov Roberson
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jessica Mervis
    Assessment: Field notebook, participation, final paper

    Info Session

    Open to all majors.

    This course is an introduction to Tropical Biology and Evolution held in Ecuador's Highlands, Rain Forest, and in the Galapagos Islands. The course will concentrate on the flora and fauna of these special habitats, but will also include the history, art, and culture of Ecuador. The final grade will be based on a field notebook that the student keeps, participation during the trip, and a final paper due late January. Students will attend lectures on the JHUcampus prior to departure on topics that include Biodiversity in Ecuador and Pre-Columbian Tribes, Culture and Art.

    Florence: Art History


  12. Informational Flyer
    Credits: 3 (H)
    Tentative Schedule
    2016 Dates: January 2-23, 2016
    2016 Program Cost: $5,200 (Includes housing, excursions, some meals, no air)
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jenny Quijano Sax

    Info Session:
    Tues, Sept 22
    Levering Conference Room A

    Open to all majors.

    This intensive course offers students an introduction to the art, architecture and culture of the Italian Renaissance roughly from 1280-1580 with the churches, palaces, museums and piazzas of Florence and nearby cities serving as the classroom. Students examine the art of Giotto, Brunelleschi, Masaccio, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo.

  14. Paris: Museums, Monuments, Memory
    Offered in even years only

  15. Informational Flyer
    Tentative Schedule
    Credits: 3 (H)
    2016 Dates: Jan 3 - 22, 2016
    Language of Instruction: English
    2016 Program Cost: $5,975 (includes housing, museum entrances, ~ 2 meals/day, public transportation in Paris). The cost does not include airfare.
    Instructor: Elizabeth Rodini
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jenny Quijano Sax
  16. Assessment: Participation, journal, and final project

    Info Session
    Monday, Sept 21
    5-6pm, Levering Conference Room A

    Open to all majors. Course will count toward the Museums & Society minor.
  18. On this program students will investigate how museums have shaped the city's physical, social, and imaginary landscape. The many museums of Paris will be your classroom- inside and out. You will visit museums of art, history, technology, and natural sciences, as well as churches, monuments, zoos, and gardens. You will meet with local experts to get the latest perspective on this timeless city. From the place of the Louvre in the French Revolution to the remaking of Versailles as a monument to monarchy; from the rediscovery of the medieval past to the great technological expositions of the 19th century; from art as a stamp of modernity to its role in post-colonial identity... it's all part of the course! Evaluation will be based on participation, journaling, and a final project. 

    Salamanca: Intensive Spanish Language
    Informational Flyer
  19. Tentative Schedule
    Credits:6 (H)
    Tentative Dates: December 26, 2016 to January 26, 2017
    Language of Instruction: Spanish
    Eligibility: Students must have completed Spanish Elements I or the equivalent Scape score
    2016 Program Cost: $6,125 (Does not include airfare)
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jessica Mervis

    Info Session:
    Tues, Sept 22
    2-3pm, Levering Conference Room A

    Open to all majors

    Complete an entire semester of Spanish language in just 4 weeks in the vibrant college town of Salamanca, Spain! Students will take a 3 credit Spanish Language course and a 3 credit Spanish Culture course for a total of 6 credits. Students must have completed Spanish Elements I or the equivalent in order to be eligible for the program. Students can take any Spanish level from Elements II all the way through Spanish for the Professions courses in Salamanca and be eligible to take the next course in the Spanish language sequence in the spring semester. All courses will be taught in Spanish and students will be placed into the appropriate language level for both courses. The culture course will include field trips within Salamanca as well as excursions to other cities in Spain. Students will also have the opportunity to improve their language skills by living with host families in Salamanca.

    I Spanish Language Course (3 Credits)
    Courses Offered:
    - Elements II
    - Intermediate I
    - Intermediate II
    - Advanced I
    - Advanced II
    - Spanish for the Professions
    - Advanced Spanish Composition
    -Advanced Spanish Conversation
    - Curso de Perfeccionamiento

    II Spanish Culture Course (3 Credits)

    Uganda: Childhood, Health and Society
    Informational Flyer
    Credits: 3 (S)
  20. 2016 Dates: Jan 1st Baltimore, Jan 2nd-23rd Uganda
    Language of Instruction: English
    Eligibility: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
    2016 Program Cost: $5,900 (Includes airfare and immunizations)
    Instructors: Mieka Smart, Eric Rice
    Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad: Jenny Quijano Sax

    Info Session:

    Tues, Sept 22
    5-6pm, Public Health Bldg: 3505 N. Charles St.

  21. Open to all majors.

    Explore the health and education programs serving Ugandan children through this intersession abroad course. JHU students will be paired with students from Uganda’s Makarere University for a unique peer-to-peer learning experience. Students will learn about the strengths and challenges faced by urban and rural child health and education initiatives in Uganda. After an orientation in Kampala, students will spend a week in a homestay near the Rakai Health Sciences Program, where they will focus on health and education in rural Uganda; then spend time in an urban setting in Kampala, the country's capital, for hospital and school tours, guest lectures and student-driven site visits. The course will also incorporate a safari experience. This class fulfills the Applied Experience requirement for Public Health Studies majors.

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