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Student Arts Groups

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Jazz Ensemble & Jazz Band

JHU Jazz features two large jazz orchestras - the JHU Jazz Ensemble and the JHU Jazz Band, both professionally directed. The groups play in big band styles, ranging in repertoire. The Jazz Band rehearses Wednesdays and the Jazz Ensemble rehearses Thursdays in the SDS Room, Mattin Center. Both groups join together to present a concert each semester.

The program also contains small groups, ranging from the eclectic to the more traditional. Each year Jazz ensembles play engagements on the Homewood campus.

Pep Band

The Pep Band plays at both home and away Hopkins lacrosse and football games. From the school song, Johnny Hopkins on to Victory  and The Star Spangled Banner to the regular crowd pleasers, the Pep Band's music is a vital part of any varsity football or lacrosse game. They are professionally directed and open to all musicians.

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble, the largest student instrumental ensemble on campus, is professionally directed. Rehearsals are twice weekly in the SDS Room, Mattin Center on Wednesdays and Sundays.

They present concerts with varied repertoire each semester in Shriver Auditorium. They welcome players of varying playing abilities and there are no auditions to be a member. Though Wind Ensemble is an extracurricular activity, there is an attendance policy to keep the ensemble at a high performing quality.

JHU Bands info


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Adoremus is the Johns Hopkins Christian a cappella group devoted to sharing music with the diverse student body and neighborhood communities. Established in 1995, Adoremus continues to serve the campus through song.

Adoremus info


The AllNighters are JHU's only all-male a cappella group. They perform all styles of music, from rock to hip hop to jazz to oldies. The AllNighters perform at many Hopkins events, sing at events up and down the east coast, and also perform at paid and private functions.

Allnighters info

Humming Jay

Humming Jay performs a combination of traditional and contemporary Korean songs (k-pop), as well as American pop songs.

                                                                              Humming Jay info


Founded in 1997, Ketzev is the only a cappella group specializing in Hebrew, Israeli, and American music.

Ketzev info


Kranti is a co-ed Hindi a cappella group that fuses traditional and modern styles of Indian music with contemporary Western vocal styles.

Kranti info

Notes of Ranvier

Notes of Ranvier is a service a cappella group. They are dedicated to performing in the local community and donating proceeds to worthy causes.     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Notes of Ranvier info

Mental Notes

Mental Notes is a co-ed a cappella group that blends comedy with their singing.

Mental Notes info

Music Dynasty

Music Dynasty is a Chinese based a cappella group.  They sing Chinese songs from different Asian regions, as well as songs with elements from different backgrounds. They welcome talents from different cultures to join.

Music Dynasty info


The Octopodes are a co-ed a cappella group who perform a wide variety of songs, including contemporary rock and pop music. Founded in 1988, they are JHU's oldest a cappella group and have been featured on the BOCA (Best of Collegiate A Cappella) CD twice.

Octopodes info


The Sirens, founded in 1995, is the only all-female a cappella group at Johns Hopkins. They sing a wide range of music, from country to pop to classic rock. Furthur information regarding contact information, traveling, group members and set lists can be found at the group's website.

Sirens info

Vocal Chords

The Vocal Chords are a co-ed a cappella group that performs a diverse repertoire, including current as well as ancient (50's - 90's) pop, rock, hip-hop, and country.

Vocal Chords info

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Choral Society

The Choral Society was founded in 1883 by Woodrow Wilson as the first student group on the campus. It brings classical music to the JHU campus by performing choral works with chamber orchestra each semester. The group is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from all Hopkins campuses, as well as faculty, staff, and community members. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. The group is professionally directed by Dr. Mark Hardy.

Choral Society info


Ecco was founded in 1999 and is the only chamber ensemble that performs genres including madrigals, Broadway, spirituals, folk songs, and swing. Members of ECCO are auditioned from the larger Choral Society and must be JHU students.

ECCO info

Gospel Choir

Under the leadership of its professional director, the JHU Gospel Choir spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Hopkins campus and Baltimore community through song and worship. They aim to provide a setting where people of all backgrounds, races, and religions can grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Choir info

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Dance Classes - Semester long, non-credit classes in Ballet & Modern

Semester long, non-credit dance classes are available in ballet and modern. Classes are held in the Mattin Center Caplan Dance studio. Ballet is taught by Lisa Green-Cudek and is offered Tues & Thurs, 3-4:30. Modern is taught by Marilyn Byers and is offered Wed & Fri, 4:30-6.

Classes are free of charge and priority is given to Homewood undergraduates. Graduate students may attend, as long as there is available space. Students must sign up before the semester starts and commit to attending the whole semester. Sign up info is sent out in a "Todays Announcement" about 2 weeks before the semester starts. These are not drop in classes. Students can sign up for one style or both. Class size is limited.

Email for info

Aerial Circus Club

The Aerial Circus Club introduces students to the art of aerial circus, a unique performance art that combines dance, strength and flexibility.

Aerial Circus Club info



Baila is the Latin dance branch of OLE (Organizacion Latina Estudiatil). They promote Latin culture through various dance styles. 

OLE info


The JHU Ballet company trains members in the classical ballet form. They offer weekly classes that focus on technique. They also choreograph and perform traditional and contemporary ballet pieces for the student population.

JHU Ballet info

Ballroom Dance club

The Ballroom dance club meets weekly to practice ballroom dances of different styles.

Ballroom Dance info

Break-dance group

The break-dancers (Johns Hopkins Bboys) practice a variety of styles and perform in multiple shows each semester.  Emphasis is placed not only on the physical movements involved in the dance, but also on the history and culture behind the dance.

Johns Hopkins Bboys info

Chinese Lion Dance

The JHU Lion Dance Troupe provides Chinese cultural enrichment to JHU and the surrounding Baltimore community. In addition to performing for cultural events on and off campus, they teach lion dance to children. Often linked to the Chinese New Year, the lion dance may be seen on other occasions such as grand-openings and festivals.

Chinese Lion Dance info


The Eclectics Dance Group is a co-ed fusion dance group that focuses on the creative process of choreography. Various styles of dance are incorporated into the performances, some of which include hip hop, modern, jazz, breakdancing, raving, and tap. The performances reflect the creativity of each of the members.

Eclectics info

Egyptian Sun Bellydance

Egyptian Sun Bellydance offers bellydance classes and rehearsals from beginner to advance. During the spring semester there is a dance concert that includes all levels of performers.

Egyptian Sun info

Hopkins Hareepa

Hopkins Hareepa, JHU's one and only bhangra team, aims to promote bhangra culture at Johns Hopkins and in the greater community through competitive and non-competitive performance. Based on a mix of traditional Punjabi folk music with Western styles, bhangra features heavy drum beats, colorful costumes, and complex formations.

Hopkins Hareepa info


Irish Dance

Irish Dance exposes Hopkins to a unique form of dance elemental to Irish culture. They teach anyone interested in learning to art of Irish dance.

Irish Dance info



Jaywalk is a jazz and lyrical dance group that focuses on technical skill and performance quality. The group blends intricate and innovative choreography with expressionism and style.

Jaywalk info


JOSH is an all-girl cultural dance troupe. The team members include women trained and interested in various dance styles: hip-hop, jazz, ballet, step, and other rhythmic styles. A special emphasis is placed on Indian classical dance in forms such as Kathak, Bharata Natyam, and Kuchipudi. The purpose of the organization is to fuse not only different dance styles but also different music styles and choreograph dances for competition and performance. Every dance incorporates at least two disparate dance forms, with one form always being of Indian origin.

JOSH info


The Ladybirds Dance Team choreographs all of their own dances. This all female team specializes in mostly jazz and hip hop, although they have performed other styles as varied as ballet and swing. The members of the team have dance training in ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip hop, tap and swing.

Ladybirds info

Listen Up Tap

Listen Up Tap provides students with a place to express themselves through rhythm and music through tap dance instruction and performance opportunities.

Listen Up Tap info


Masti is JHU's co-ed Bollywood hip-hop fusion dance team. They  fuse together various styles of dance, from Indian bollywood, bhangra, and folk, to hiphop, salsa, and swing.

Masti info

Modern Dance

The JHU Dance Company is a modern dance oriented performing arts group. Presently, the company offers two modern dance classes a week, one being taught by Ms. Marilyn Byers, the Artistic Director of the group. The Dance Company is fully SAC-funded and there is no charge for participation.

 Modern Dance info


Shakti is a classical Indian dance group that focuses on incorporating Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi into classical and semi-classical music. Apart from pure classical, Shakti fuses traditional movements with more modern tunes in an effort to fuse the eastern and western worlds. Shakti means power, force and feminine energy. Shakti practices once a week, performing at least twice a semester.

Shakti info


S.L.A.M. (Stop! Look at Me) is a Hip Hop dance and step group. Their goal is to expose the Hopkins community to Hip Hop dance and step through their performances.

S.L.A.M. info


Temps d'Afrique

Temps d'Afrique is the dynamic dance troupe of the African Students Association (ASA). They employ both traditional and modern African movements and sample a variety of African music genres.

                                                                            ASA info


VIVAZ provides an organization through which the fusion of cultures in the U.S. and the Carribbean can be explored through the performing arts. VIVAZ uses primarily hip-hop and reggae, and combines elements of poetry, art, dance, and song to showcase national diversity.

VIVAZ info

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Ceramics Club

The Ceramics Club provides hands-on experience with a three-dimensional art form and gives a cultural understanding of one of the world's oldest art forms. Clay is a medium that allows students to create, express, communicate and imagine.

Ceramics Club info

Homewood Art Workshops

The Homewood Art Workshops were established in 1974 to provide undergraduates a studio environment in which to pursue their creative interests. The Workshops support the academic mission of the University by giving students the opportunity to participate in an accredited visual arts program. Through classes offered by the Homewood Art Workshops, students can enrich their lives while diversifying and broadening their educational experience.

Website | Email


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Hopkins Symphony Orchestra

The Hopkins Symphony Orchestra consists of students, faculty, and staff of the Johns Hopkins University as well as members of the surrounding community. The HSO is dedicated to performing and promoting orchestral and chamber music from the standard and contemporary repertoire at a high artistic level and to reaching out and educating a diverse audience through affordable concerts. The Orchestra also provides opportunities for performance by young Maryland soloists and composers as they develop their careers. Past soloists with the Orchestra include such artists as David Buechner, Allison Charney, Hilary Hahn, and Awadagin Pratt.

Most seasons, approximately 150 musicians of varying backgrounds and abilities will participate in HSO programs. Auditions are held every September. Musicians rehearse weekly and perform a season which includes subscription concerts, educational concerts, and chamber ensemble concerts.

Website      Email     HSO on facebook

Hopkins Symphony Orchestra - Concerto Competition

The Concerto Competition is sponsored by the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra and occurs every other year. It is open to all JHU undergraduate and graduate students who are not currently pursuing a degree in music. The winner(s) are given the chance to play in a concert with HSO.


Chamber Music Seminar

The Chamber Music Seminar ensemble is made up of three to five separate chamber groups. We will meet each week for two hours to play for each other, give feedback, and receive coaching from a chamber coach from Peabody.

Chamber Music Seminar info

Student Symphony

The Hopkins Student Symphony provides a friendly and open atmosphere for musically inclined students to meet and play music, in an orchestra solely comprised of and led by students.
                                                                                           Student Symphony info




JHU Surageet is an Indian classical music group that covers a range of vocal and instrumental types and styles. The pieces they perform and arrange combine music from North and South India, in a fusion performance of Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Surageet info


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The Barnstormers are a student-run theater group who perform published plays and present six shows a year. They hire professional directors for two of their shows: a fall mainstage and a spring musical. Other shows include an Orientation Show, the Freshmen One Acts, an Intersession Show, and a Spring Shakespeare. Students are able to act, direct, produce, stage manage, and hold all technical positions in any of these shows.

Barnstormers info

Buttered Niblets

The Buttered Niblets are a comedy improv group. There are around 10 members in the group each year. The Niblets have shows in Arellano Theatre.

Buttered Niblets info

Dunbar Baldwin Hughes Theater

Dunbar Baldwin Hughes presents African American based plays and reviews. There are two productions each semester, one in Arellano Theatre and one in the Swirnow Theater.

DBH info

Entertainers Club

The Entertainers Club is dedicated to the learning, teaching, and performing of various "under appreciated" performing arts. These include, but are not limited to juggling, poi, staff, devil sticks, diabolo, body balancing, breakdancing, and magic. They also integrate fire into performances in the forms of fire-poi, fire-staff, fire juggling, fire-eating, and fire devil-sticking.

Entertainers Club info

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror presents a shadow cast performance at least times a year, around Orientation, Halloween and Valentine's Day. They are always looking for more performers.

Rocky Horror info


Throat Culture

Throat Culture is Hopkins' only sketch comedy group, in the style of Saturday Night Live. Performances include both filmed skits and live acting. They meet twice a week to develop material and rehearse, and there is at least one major performance each semester.

Throat Culture info

Witness Theater

Witness Theater produces only student-written works. Each semester, there are two showcases of one-act plays (also directed only by students), presented either in the Swirnow Theater or in Arellano. The group usually offers workshops during Intersession, giving students of all levels of experience the chance to learn and then put their knowledge to use in upcoming showcases.

Witness info

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