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Homewood Arts Certificate


General Info

The Homewood Arts Certificate is awarded to graduating seniors who have made an ongoing and committed contribution to the co-curricular arts at Johns Hopkins University and who complete a significant original final project in the arts. The project can be done alone or with a group of other students who have also been active in the arts.

Funding is available for both solo and group projects.

The certificate is awarded in one or more of these areas:

Digital Media
Fine/Visual Arts

In order to receive an Arts Certificate, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Inform the Director of Homewood Arts Programs of your intention to apply before October 15 of your Senior fall semester
  • Submit all application materials on or before November 1 of your Senior fall semester
  • Complete your final project before the end of your Senior spring semester

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria: your level of prior commitment to the arts at Hopkins; your level of artistry; relevance of final project to your prior artistic experiences; originality of final project; practicality of final project; contribution to campus life; thoroughness of project proposal and budget

The certificate will not appear on your academic transcript. You are encouraged to put it on your professional resume and keep any relevant materials as part of your portfolio for post-graduate interviews.


For the application, click here

Applications are ongoing. You may apply anytime after the start of your Junior year. You must apply by November 1 of your Senior fall semester.

If you are graduating in fewer than four years, contact the Director of HAP to discuss best timing to apply.

You are encouraged to submit as much of your application electroncially as possible. Please email application materials to:
Director of HAP  

Any suppporting material that cannot be emailed should be delivered to the Director of HAP in Mattin 210 (mailbox) or 154 (office).

Application check list:

  • Your name, major and contact information
  • A resume or list of co-curricular artistic activities you have done at Johns Hopkins
  • A resume or  list of any courses you have taken which have supported your work in this area
  • Any supporting materials such as photos, websites, links, magazines, etc. that show your artistic work
  • 2 page description of your final project, with a timeline, budget, and information about a venue if necessary
  • 3-5 page type written personal response paper to questions stated on application

Co-curricular arts activities

As part of the application, you need to submit a resume or list of all your co-curricular  & academic arts experiences at Johns Hopkins.

A list of co-curricular activities is below, to help you make sure to include all your experiences. You may also include activities off-campus, such as non-credit courses at other universities, professional workshops and internships, or participation with a local arts group.

Academic Courses

While no academic courses are required for the Certificate, you are encouraged to take some courses, either at Hopkins or at other local colleges, which influence your development as an artist in your chosen area.

Final Project

The Final Project  should show how you can use your talent and technique to produce a quality original work of art or artistic project. It should be a culminating experience that reflects and grows out of your artistic work at Hopkins.

Your effort towards the project must go significantly above and beyond what you would normally do in your artistic activities with student arts groups or in a regular academic class. The project should involve planning and preparation over a period of at least several months.

The project can take many forms, and you are encouraged to think creatively as you envision how you would like to express yourself. Possible ideas for the project include: performance, film, exhibit, recording, seminar, symposium, workshop(s), document(s), teaching

The Final Project should take place during your Junior spring semester or Senior year. It must be completed by the end of your Senior spring semester. You must somehow share the project with the JHU community upon completion.

If appropriate, the project can be part of an Independent Study for which you receive academic credit.

You are encouraged to collaborate on your final project with other certificate students, especially if the project involves a production or recital. Students who will collaborate may submit a Final Project description together, but each student must still submit his or her own resume and personal response paper.

Staff and/or Faculty Sponsor

You are encouraged to arrange for staff or faculty assistance to help you develop your final project. Staff and faculty in the Homewood Arts Programs, Homewood Art Workshops and the Digital Media Center are available to help you. For assistance from other areas, please contact the appropriate staff or faculty directly.



Email the Director of HAP

Guidelines subject to change.

Homewood Arts Certificate

Co-curricular Opportunities

Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Business Manager of group
CD Performer
CD Producer
Costume Designer
Internship experience
Film Actor
Film Director
Lighting Board Operator
Lighting Designer
Musical Director
Musical Instrumentalist
Organizer of visual display/exhibition

Poster Design
President of group
Producer of a show
Professional Experience
Props Master
Public Relations
Running Crew

SAC Performing Arts Liaison
Secretary of group
Set Designer

Sound Board Operator
Sound Designer
Stage Manager
Technical Crew
Technical Executive
Technical Director
Vice President of group
Visual work for campus publication
Website work
Workshop Participation
Writer of newspaper article
Writer of original play

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