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Inter-Fraternity Council Recruitment Rules
Spring Recruitment

(Adopted by the chapters of the Inter-Fraternity Council on January 22, 2007)


  • No later than Monday, January 25, all events, locations, and times must be submitted to the IFC Executive Board in advance to ensure proper publicity and identify possible conflicts.
  • The IFC Rush Information Session will occur on Tuesday, February 2 at 7:30 pm, AMR I Multipurpose Room.
  • Any rush event, or event where freshmen are present, held during the Super Bowl  must be alcohol-free. “Brothers Only” events are allowed provided they are registered with the Department of Student Life.
  • Bids may be extended to rushees no earlier than Tuesday, February 2 (the day of the Info Session) at Noon. Rushees are under no obligation to accept any bid extended before that time.


All rules are enforceable and violations are subject to review by the IFC Judicial Board at any time. For questions concerning violations, contact IFC President Steve Schatzman.

1. THE GOLDEN RULE OF THE IFC: It is expected that all chapters will act in good faith during rush, where as good judgment should be used in decisions concerning recruitment.  Remember that we are all here to strengthen the Greek Community, because we are stronger together than we are apart.  The Inter-Fraternity Council will reserve the right to levy infractions against any Chapter that does not adhere to the “Good Faith” policy.

2. Alcohol distribution and use in any form is prohibited at all rush events.

3. IFC Chapters and their members shall speak only of other IFC, Panhellenic Association or Multicultural Greek Council chapters in a positive manner and not speak in negative connotations about another chapter or its members.

4. The distribution of all printed materials on campus or in/around the residence halls, must comply with all campus and Residential Life policies regarding the distribution and/or posting of flyers or other materials.

5. The Black Out period, meaning no social events hosted by IFC fraternities, will be Sunday, January 31 to Friday, February 12.

6. No registered or unregistered social events during the official rush period (from Monday, January 25 to Friday, February 12 at Noon). All Bid-Night parties where alcohol is served must be registered with the Department of Student Life, and must comply with all State, Local, and University policies regarding alcohol use.

7. Rush events must occur within a reasonable distance from the Homewood Campus. If chapters have members certified to drive University vans, they are free to use them if they are able to reserve them through the van office in Levering Hall.

8. Recruitment materials, including rush t-shirts, may not contain references to alcohol or drugs and should not include obscenities.

9. "Dorm storming,” “flyering,” or direct recruitment in residence halls or on hall grounds will occur only during times and in a manner which adheres to policies set forth by the Office of Residential Life.

10. Ripping down, covering up, or defacing other chapters’ flyers and advertisements is strictly prohibited.

11. Interfraternity Council representatives may, at any time, enter or observe any rush event. Non-compliance or obstruction of this policy is grounds for violation. 

Any complaints of alleged rush infractions must be made in writing and filed with the IFC President.  All formal complaints are subject to investigation and a hearing as explained in the IFC Judicial Policy.