National Fellowships Program

What We Do

The National Fellowships Program (NFP) at Johns Hopkins is committed to providing support for students interested in applying for nationally competitive fellowships. Program Director Dr. Kelly Barry and Assistant Director Dr. Jeannette Miller oversee nearly twenty prestigious external awards that fund undergraduate study and post-baccalaureate study/research. They work with students to identify which fellowships fit their particular interests and abilities, advise them through the application process, and guide them toward composing their strongest, most compelling applications. If students advance in the competition, Dr. Barry and Dr. Miller organize mock interviews to complete their preparation. They coordinate all competitions that require an institutional nomination and an on-campus selection process. These services are available to all students in KSAS, Whiting, and at Peabody, from freshmen to Ph.D. students as well as recent graduates.

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Why Apply

Applying for nationally competitive fellowships is one of the most high-impact, enriching experiences students can have at Johns Hopkins. The benefits accrue win or lose. The application process may be the first occasion to learn how to write a research proposal, how to describe academic pursuits to various audiences, or explain the evolution of professional interests. It demands deliberation on future aims and the steps necessary to achieve them. While many undergraduate students ambitiously establish an outstanding academic record and naturally pursue commitments to campus-based activities or public service, there are few who can be articulate and compelling in presenting their achievements and ambitions - a skill that is requisite for many future pursuits.

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How to Get Started

Applying for prestigious external fellowships is a serious time investment. It entails careful reflection on which fellowships to apply for and thoughtful preparation of the application materials. Please look through the information on this website, especially the FAQ and the List of Fellowships. There is no easy way to win a fellowship, but a timely exploration of the options makes the process less daunting, as does the fact that Johns Hopkins students have consistently won a generous share of these fellowships.

Scholarship programs vary in their aims and therefore so do the applicant profiles. The detailed descriptions in the List of Fellowships are intended to help you understand the terms, eligibility criteria, and desired qualifications for each program. Some students may focus on a particular fellowship that fits their interests; for many students it makes sense to apply for multiple fellowships.

To discuss the prestigious external fellowships cited on our website, please attend an information session (see the listings under Events and Deadlines) or watch this narrated powerpoint of our general information session (Adobe Flash Player is required). Then, fill out this brief form and email it to either of us to set up an appointment. (Students interested in other types of scholarships and funding sources, including financial aid, please click here.)

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