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Qualified students may take courses at other divisions of the university by registering in person with the Homewood Registrar. In addition to the registration or add/drop form, students must submit a Supplemental Registration Form for Interdivisional Registration. 

Qualified students may enroll for courses at:

• Peabody Conservatory (PY)
• Bloomberg School of Public Health (PH)
• Carey Business School (BU)
• School of Education (ED)
• School of Medicine (ME)
• School of Nursing (NS)
• School of Advanced International Studies (SA)
• Advanced Academic Programs—AAP (AS)
• Engineering for Professionals—EP (EN)

ALL interdivisional registration forms and add/drop/withdrawal forms must be submitted and processed through the HOMEWOOD Office of the Registrar (your HOME division)

• Undergraduate Students taking courses at other JHU divisions must be taken for a letter grade, not S/U, unless the course at the host division is offered on an S/U basis only.

• Please be aware that you must follow the HOST school’s registration deadlines


• Supplemental Registration Forms for Interdivisional Registration are available at:

• Homewood Office of the Registrar in 75 Garland Hall
• Office of Academic Advising, Garland, Suite 300
• Office of Engineering Advising, 103 Shaffer

To avoid being declined for a course, please check the following before submitting your interdivisional course request:

• ALERTS—check your SIS account for any alerts.  If you have a Financial, Heath Insurance, or Health and Wellness alert, your request will not be processed until the alert is cleared.
PREREQUISITES—check the course description for any prerequisites.  If you have not fulfilled the prerequisite requirements, you must obtain the instructor’s permission to enroll in the course.  If requirements are not met, and approval has not been received, your request will be declined. 
APPROVAL REQUIRED—check the course description for any approval requirements.  Approvals must be obtained and submitted with the IDR request or the request will be declined.
COURSE STATUS—students will be declined if a course section is full.  If a section is full, you must submit a new interdivisional course request.  To check the status of a section, search and the status (open or closed) is listed on the far right.