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See Syllabus for All Questions & Assignments


Monday/January 5, 2015

Class: Introductions, Course Overview, Path to and thru Law School Discussion


Jane E. Applicant's: 1) Resume, 2) Personal Statement, 3) Transcript, 4) LSAT Addendum & 5) Letter of Recommendation

Jason Law’s: 1) Resume, 2) Personal Statement, 3) Transcript, and 4) Letter of Recommendation

Mock Law Class Case: Miranda


Wednesday/January 7, 2015

Class: Judicial Clerkships & Patent Law




1. Changes to patent law introduced by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA)

a) Reading: Cassino, Joseph and Kasdan, Michael. Trends From 2 Years Of AIA Post-Grant Proceedings.” Law360. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.


2. Legal issues in patent law and emerging technologies, case study of biologics

a) Reading: Greene, Jane. “Biolsimilars Get Their Day in Court.” The National Law Journal. Web. 8 Sept. 2014.



Listen to this oral argument recording --


Friday/January 9, 2015
Class: Entertainment Law



Excerpt from “The War for Late Night,” by Bill Carter (Appeared in Vanity Fair, December 2010).


Statement from Conan O’Brien (January 12, 2010):


“The Battle for Facebook,” by Claire Hoffman (Appeared in Rolling Stone, June 26, 2008):



The movie: “The Social Network”


Monday/January 12, 2015

Class: Criminal Law





“The Statistical Debate Behind the Stop-and-Frisk Verdict”

by John Cassidy, The New Yorker


Swift v. State, 390 Md. 284, 888 A.2d 341 (2005)


1.  What do you think actually happened in this case?

2.  What sort of questions would you ask the officer to prove the interaction was not voluntary?

3.  This client was found not guilty; he clearly had drugs.  What do you think about that?

4.  Have any of you ever been searched by the police?

5.  What would you say to a police officer that asked you to search your person?  Your car?

5.  How do you feel about the wholesale search of people in poor neighborhoods, if it leads to a dramatic change in the crime rate?


“The Role of the Prosecuting Attorney” (questions found within the document)


Wednesday/January 14, 2015

Class: Public Interest Law & Corporate Law


Public Interest Law



Review the following two websites: & (specifically the section on Senior Citizens)


Play this game:


Corporate Law




Read the following links/articles:

The George Washington University Law School Career Development Office. “Practice Areas: Corporate and Transactional Law.” Web.


“Top 10 Differences Between Transactional and Litigation Attorneys.” EnlightenMe. Web.


“Top 10 Things to Understand About Corporate Lawyers.” EnlightenMe. Web.


Sample Due Diligence Checklist


Browse the National Venture Capital Association Website (, including the VC Industry Overview page and the Frequently Asked Questions about Venture Capital.


Read the following two articles:



·       Can you name a few ways that companies raise money?

·       What are the benefits and burdens/risks associated with a venture capital investment for both the company that receives funding and the venture capitalists that are providing funding?

·       What other types of transactions might follow an initial venture capital investment?



View the Anatomy of a Deal Video (


Skim the Wall Street Journal Deal Journal:


Read thru and/or subscribe to the daily emails:


Friday/January 16, 2015

Class: Employment & Labor Law & Wrap Up/Feedback



What to Do When an Employee Violates your Social Media Policy

By Emily Bennington,


Posting Information Online Can Get You Fired

­by Alison Doyle,


How Office Romances Can Cost You Your Job

by Anne Fisher,


How Appearances Can Cost You Your Job

by Donna Ballman,


Freeman, A. Elizabeth (Demand Media). “Discrimination Against Young Workers in the Workplace.” Houston Chronicle. Web.


Adams, Susan. “Employers Should Pay Their Interns. Here’s Why.” Forbes. Web. 9 Jun. 2014.


Namie, Gary and Ruth . “Frequently Asked Questions.” Workplace Bullying Institute. Web. 2011.



1.     Do you believe employers are increasingly taking advantage of students who in a bleak job market for young people seek to improve their resumes by accepting unpaid jobs?

2.     Do you believe there is a basic right of privacy that employers should respect and adhere to when asking for email addresses and then reading their employees’ social media accounts, like Facebook?

3.     Do you think employers have an obligation to prevent their employees from the harassing behavior of other employees inside and outside the workplace?

4.     Should employees have more than 12 weeks a year that they can take off for medical reasons and still have their jobs protected?


Writing Assignment -- be prepared to discuss what you drafted on the final day of class; assignments must be printed and turned in.


Answer the following questions in a 2-3 page paper (double spaced, 12 point font):

1)     What areas of practice interested you most, prior to completing this class?

2)     What have you learned about those areas of practice,  now that you have completed the class?

3)     Are there new areas of practice that you are interested in, that you learned about in class?  What did you learn about them that piqued your interest?