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Our Program

The Johns Hopkins Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program prepares recent college graduates and "career-changers" for admission to medical school. Designed to meet the needs of talented individuals from a multiplicity of backgrounds, this program is right for you if you've compiled an excellent academic record in college, have never applied to medical school or taken the MCAT, are committed to serving others, and have the ultimate goal of entering the medical profession. Full-time study is required for at least one academic year; most students finish the program in 9 to 14 months.

This highly selective program emphasizes personal attention and academic preparation for the best medical schools. You'll enroll in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences day classes taught by outstanding faculty who are leaders in their fields, and you'll complete the core premedical curriculum at Johns Hopkins, known for its rigor and quality. Students also have numerous opportunities to gain experience in areas of interest related to medicine through tutorials at the School of Medicine and elective classes at the School of Public Health.

A fulfilling post-bac experience is more than just academics.  It's also being a part of the vibrant Johns Hopkins community of students and faculty. To create a collegial and nurturing learning environment the post-bac students gather regularly for social activities, workshops, visiting speakers, and more.


Post-bac students on a class retreat, which included a boat and land tour of Baltimore, along with lunch at the Inner Harbor.