Year by Year: Freshman

Summer Mailings and Initial Advisement for KSAS and WSE Freshmen

One significant similarity in the first-year advising systems is that students in both schools begin their relationship with their respective advising offices before they reach campus. All students receive a summer mailing during the month of June preceding their first semester. This mailing explains courses, majors, registration, online testing, and more.

Students should review these materials, contact their advising office with questions, and then proceed to register online for their first-semester courses. Each student’s advisor reviews his/her course selections and sends feedback to the student. If any schedule changes are recommended, the student should make them.

From the beginning, we encourage the student to take ownership of his/her education. While the staff of the advising offices welcome questions from parents, it is vital that the student become the driving force behind summer contact with the advisor, general questions, and course selections. Each student needs to take this opportunity to learn the online registration system and to develop familiarity with university procedures, because s/he will use these tools every semester.

Staff members from both advising offices attend Orientation, giving students and parents opportunities to discuss general and individual questions. And during the first weeks of the fall semester, our doors are open to students for both prescheduled and drop-in appointments for any academic needs.

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