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Undergraduate Orientation Program
Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St, Mattin Center 210
Baltimore, MD 21218
410.516.4873 phone
410.516.4495 fax

Meet the New Student Orientation Staff!

Brandie Morris, the New Student Orientation Executive Chair for 2014, welcomes all new students to Hopkins!

Congratulations to the Incoming Class of 2018!

My name is the Brandie Morris and I am the Executive Chair of the 2014 New Student Orientation. I lead the team that makes sure your transition to Hopkins life is as seamless as possible, whether it be getting you the information you need, making sure your belongings make it to your dorm room, and making sure that this summer you feel like you’re about to enter a community that’s already yours.

The minute you said yes to Hopkins, we welcomed you into our family. Orientation is one of the best times on campus because everyone, regardless of if they are a student, professor, advisor, Resident Advisor, chef, grounds crewman, or even the President of the University, is awaiting your arrival! We want to make sure that when you get here, you feel like you belong here, and that’s what our Orientation Team is all about.

I am so excited for you to experience life here. There is such a spirit of motivation and collaboration that underlies everything we do, and we hope that you get that sense once you arrive. This is the kind of place where big things happen and you’ll always find someone helping you get to where you want to be.

Again, congratulations and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Brandie Morris, ’15

Executive Chair, Orientation 2014 

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Meet our Professional Staff in Student Activities


Orientation Volunteer Spotlight - Winston Jin, First Year Mentor

First Year Mentors serve as guides and peer mentors to the incoming first-year students during the Orientation program.  First Year Mentors attend new student events, lead new students in small group sessions, and create comfortable environments for new students to build relationships with their mentors and other first-years. First Year Mentors also educate new students on University expectations and policies. Each First Year Mentor will have a group of 15 first-year students with whom they will connect during the month of August and guide during the week of Orientation programming. 

Your Major(s) & Minor(s): Major: Mollecular & Cellular Biology; Minors: Entrepreneurship & Management, Bioethics

What's Your "S" at Hopkins (#EmbraceTheS) (e.g., what makes you feel passionate about Hopkins?): "S" at Hopkins stands for "Students" for me.  The student population at Hopkins is amazing. Everyone here comes from a unique background and possesses remarkable talent; so try to get to know as many people as you can!