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Program Information

Who can apply?

The program is open to all full-time, benefits-eligible employees at:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview (You must contact Sandy Jenkins at 443-997-7000 before starting the process.)
  • Johns Hopkins Health Care
  • Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
  • Johns Hopkins Health System

(Employees of the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group and the Applied Physics Laboratory are not eligible.)

LNYW Eligibility and Conditions

To be eligible for a LNYW grant an applicant must be:

  • Full-time, benefits-eligible employee of Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Health Care, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, or Johns Hopkins Bayview. (Residents, Post Doctoral Fellows, House Staff and Students are not eligible for the Live Near Your Work Program.)
  • Purchase a home in a LNYW Program target area (see map for details).
  • Contribute at least one thousand dollars to the down payment and/or closing costs at settlement.
  • Obtain a signed certificate documenting the completion of Home Ownership counseling prior to signing contract of sale. Home Ownership Counselors
  • Agree to repay funds in full, if applicable, per LNYW program provisions. LNYW Provisions
  • Grants will not be rewarded retroactively.

Lending Restrictions

In order to secure funding from a LNYW grant, and many other home buying incentive programs, the borrower may not utilize any of these first mortgage products:

  • no documentation loan
  • interest only loan
  • conventional 80/20 loan
  • adjustable rate loan
  • any loans for which prepayment penalities or fees are applicable or assessed

How Do I apply?

Contact Sandy Jenkins at 443-997-7000 prior to beginning the house search and application processes.

Relocation Assistance

The Johns Hopkins University offers a variety of services to meet the relocation needs of newly hired or recruited faculty and staff and their family members. These services, provided by WorkLife Programs and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, include child and elder/adult care referrals, information on housing and schools, referrals to companies providing relocation services and counseling support to families in transition. For more information, contact the Relocation Assistance Program Coordinator at 443-997-7000.