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Live Near Your Work Grants

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How Much Financial Help is Available?

Within the two areas designated on the map, grant amounts will vary according to neighborhood. The areas targeted for the largest grants are identified as “Tiers.”

With The Rouse Company Foundation's support, the grant amounts are the following.

  • Tier A1 (Harwood, Barclay, and Greenmount West) - $23,000.
  • Tier A2 (EBDI) - $36,000.
  • Tiers B1 (Remington) and B2 (Better Waverly, and a section of Abell) - $10,000.
  • Tier C (sections of Baltimore Linwood and Baltimore Highland) - $6,000.
  • Tier D Perimiter Areas (within the LNYW footprint but beyond those of the other Tiers) will receive grants of $5,000. There is a limited number of D Perimiter Area grants available per fiscal year.

These grant amounts are good through June 30, 2015, based on availability and first come, first served.