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Summer 2008
Volume VI, Issue II

Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine Summer 2008
Cover illustration by Jon Krause

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Nursing Magazine
The on-line version of the magazine for the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association


Solving the Shortage By Stephanie Shapiro
Faced with a 500,000 nationwide nursing deficit by 2025, Hopkins nurses are working to resolve the nursing shortage both within and far beyond their workplaces.

Why I Almost Quit Nursing By Maria D'Antonio
Within her first year of working on a busy orthopedic trauma unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maria D'Antonio '06 began to doubt whether nursing was the right career for her.


Hill's Side

Second Opinion
What is the top concern in today's field of critical care nursing?

On the Pulse
New 2008 grads, Nightingale's legacy at Hopkins, student volunteers in New Orleans, and more.

My Profession
In the first installment of this fun, three-part graphic novel series, Marlon Caballero '08 survives nursing school and embarks on his nursing career.

Bench to Bedside
Pediatric bone cancer treatment, improving quality of life for cancer patients, and more.

Hopkins Nurse
Nursing news from the Johns Hopkins Hospitals.

Live from 525
Educator, comforter, and translator: Lauren Shimek '09 attends her first birth as part of her clinical rotation.

News and notes from the Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association.

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