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DLC Site Map

This Site Map is provided to give you easy access to any page on The Diversity Leadership Council web site.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please feel free to use our Contact Us page, so we can help you.

This is the main page of the Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council web site. It contains the DLC Mission Statement and other pertinent information about the council.

This section provides information regarding the DLC Chair and all members of the DLC Council.
- About The Chair
- Members List

This page contains a full listing of recent Diversity Leadership Council meeting minutes.

This section contains information about The annual Diversity Recognition Award, and past and present Diversity Leadership Conferences.
- Diversity Award
- Diversity Conference
- 2009 Diversity Recognition Award Gallery

Diversity Calendar
Whether it's an annual event or holiday, the Diversity Calendar page provides a complete listing here.

This page gives you quick access to Diversity related resources. Whenever possible, links to online and resources are made available on these pages.
- Suggested Diversity Reading
- External Diversity Links

- JHI 2011 Diveristy Clearinghouse/Resources
- Johns Hopkins Institutions Diversity Links
- Climate Survey

Diversity Wheel
Come here to view a description of the multifaceted ways in which humans being can be both similar and different.

Contact Us
Come here to send information directly to The Johns Hopkins Institutions Diversity Leadership Council. The information will remain confidential, and you'll be contacted as soon as possible if you have a specific request.

Site Map
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For general information about the Diversity Leadership Council please contact:
Risha Zuckerman