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Diversity Leadership Council

Comprised of students, faculty, and staff from all divisions of Johns Hopkins, the Diversity Leadership Council works to help Johns Hopkins achieve its goals of diversity and inclusion.

To be sure, Johns Hopkins is a diverse community: people here bring with them not only their connections to social and ethnic groups but also their individual life experiences. From students to patients to faculty to support staff, ours is a rich and vibrant community.

But that diversity means little without the second of these goals: inclusion. We see inclusion as active, thoughtful, and ongoing engagement with each other [across differences]. When inclusion works, we better understand the people around us, better understand the complex ways that individuals interact within systems and institutions, and ultimately do our best work.

Johns Hopkins is dedicated to the world of ideas and that world expands exponentially as those with different experiences and points of view share their knowledge and interpretations with one another. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion reflects both a recognition of the past and the promise of the future--something owed to everyone in the Hopkins community.

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Credit: American Association of Colleges and University and Johns Hopkins Center of Talented Youth


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For general information about the Diversity Leadership Council please contact:
Risha Zuckerman