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2006 Diversity Leadership Award Recipients

Seated Left to Right: Ms. Emily Kumpel, Chair Gwendolyn Boyd, President William Brody, Ms. Lori Orosco, Ms. Tiara Booker, and Ms. Adriene Breckenridge. Standing first row Left to Right: Dr. Lester Su, Ms. Olivia Mao, Ms. Sarah Webster, Dr. Edward Ramos, Mr. Jose Fernandez, Ms. Randi Nicole Smith, Mr. Jeffrey Jarosz, Mr. Wei Xiao, and Ms. Tracey Angel. Standing back row left to right: Dr. Michael Trush, Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, and Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings. Not pictured: Ms. Angela Pelletier, Ms. Jovita Diaz.

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