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6th Grade

Session 1: June 26 – July 15
Session 2: July 17 – August 5

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth—a world-class resource for your gifted child.

Academic talent, like musical or athletic ability, needs to be assessed, developed, and cheered onward.  CTY’s three decades of experience working with talented young people make us the clear choice when choosing a summer program for your highly able 6th grade child.  

Our academic summer day programs take place near Baltimore, Washington, DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Pasadena.  Our residential programs are on college campuses in the same geographic regions as our day sites. Have a 6th grade child but live too far from these locations to attend the day program?  View our comprehensive lineup of online learning courses offered by CTYOnline. 

Where CTY begins:  Establishing eligibility through testing

Prequalification:  The CTY Summer Programs aren’t right for every child.  But you may want to enroll in the CTY Talent Search and have your child assessed by CTY if your child displays the following academic strengths:

·         Scores at the 95th percentile or higher on nationally normed tests.

·         Scores at the upper levels (“advanced proficiency,” “superior”, etc.) on state tests.

·         Otherwise demonstrates superior academic performance.

Testing through the CTY Talent Search.  

Last year, 60,000 families from the US and worldwide enrolled their children in the CTY Global Talent Search. Enrollment and testing are affordable, and return lasting value through the discovery and opportunities your child will receive, making a defining difference in his or her life.

Enroll in the CTY Talent Search. We’ll then guide you through the steps to sign your child up to take a special above-grade-level-test at a Prometric Test Center in your area.

Eligibility Scores on the SCAT for 6th Graders

Quantitative score, to qualify for Math/Science courses:   480
Verbal Score, to qualify for Humanities courses:               460         

For students who qualify

CTY’s testing will determine if your child qualifies for our Summer Programs (or CTYOnline courses, too). 

About 60% of second grade students (who meet the pre-qualifications) will, once assessed, meet CTY’s selective criteria for eligibility for Summer or CTYOnline courses.

Families of eligible students can then choose from among the courses for which they qualify (different program levels, and different subject areas).  Please view our Summer Catalogs for a full display of courses, locations, and dates.

The CTY Summer Programs—The A's

Academics.  The Center’s courses (students choose one that they attend for three weeks) are cognitively challenging, but fun too.  Have a child who loves reading? A puzzle whiz? Hands-on-courses such as Through the MicroscopePirates!, and others engage the senses and the imagination, as well as the intellect.  

Accomplishment.  Our courses are designed so that students who qualify for them will be successful.  Our instructors work very hard to make that happen.  

Activities.  A class day runs several hours, but the classes are very interactive, and class breaks let your child play with and enjoy others.  The activities are fun and fully supervised by the Center’s Program Assistants. CTY PAs are college students themselves--carefully screened and background-checked--who are trained in the care and safety of all students.

Acceptance.  In the words of a CTY student:  “I never knew there were so many other people like me.”  The connections your child will make with other bright children will be a valued keepsake that lasts long after the summer ends.


The CTY Talent Search enrollment fee is $37.

The SCAT test your child will take is $55.

Summer Program day site enrollment for 2011 (full tuition and meals for a 3-week session) is $1,930.
Summer Program residential site enrollment for 2011 (full tuition, housing, and meals for a 3-week session) is $3,650.

Apply Now

Apply to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 2010-2011 Global Talent Search.

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CTY’s comprehensive website:

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Get in touch by phone: 410-735-6278

We look forward to your child’s application for testing.