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A CTY Summer

Session 1: June 26 – July 15
Session 2: July 17 – August 5

Gifted students get all the challenge they need here. With over 100 three-week courses specifically designed to appeal to exceptional young minds, The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer program is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Your bright child will take a course he or she chooses among options in math, science, writing, and others. And when summer’s done, everything CTY imparts carries with your child – academic accomplishment, greater personal confidence, and new smart friends from all over the world.

Students become eligible to participate in CTY’s courses by testing through the CTY Talent Search and establishing eligibility.

7th Grade and Above

2nd-6th Grade
Intensive Studies

Intensive Studies give students access to in-depth, accelerated courses they usually wouldn’t discover till college.

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Day Programs

For younger students, CTY offers a day program that mirrors a regular school day schedule with a chance to immerse themselves in the subject they love.

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Academic Explorations

Academic Explorations give students the hands-on access to advanced academics they don’t usually get during the school year.

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Residential Programs

For children completing 5th and 6th grade who are ready to stretch their wings, CTY offers a supervised chance to live and learn on a college campus.

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