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Two children and teacher

2nd Grade

The challenge

Perhaps your second-grade child was reading before kindergarten, or doing two digit multiplication in her head in first grade.

The challenge for students like these—who are advanced compared to others the same age--is for parents to know their full capabilities, and to make sure their academic program is challenging.

The answer

The mission of The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth is to identify and develop the academic talents of just such students. CTY provides testing, course work, and other resources geared for students of great academic promise.

In addition, CTY connects you and your child to academically minded students and families in the US and worldwide, who place high value on academic performance and achievement through the K-12 years.

How CTY works

CTY is a multi-tiered program, meaning you can choose to participate in as much or as little as your child needs.

Testing. All CTY participants begin by enrolling in the CTY Talent Search (apply online below). To make sure that testing is a positive experience, we strongly recommend that prospective students already demonstrate the following academic strengths:

  •  Score at the 95th percentile or higher on nationally normed tests.
  •  Score at the upper levels (“advanced proficiency,” “superior”, etc) on state tests.
  •  Otherwise demonstrate superior academic performance.

The CTY Talent Search enrollment fee is $37. Once enrolled, you will receive information on the next step—testing. Second-grade students take the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) on computer at a Prometric Test Center in your area. The SCAT testing fee is $55, payable to Prometric at the time you make your testing appointment (we’ll send you the information you need to reserve a date and time). More about the SCAT.

Discovery, Recognition, Opportunities.

Testing through CTY provides key benefits for your child and you.

Discovery CTY’s tests are different from others given in school because they’re above-grade-level. Your second grader takes a test scored against fourth grade standards. This makes the test challenging, but because the test ceiling is higher it also reveals more about exceptional math and verbal abilities.

Recognition Not many second graders can claim an affiliation with one of the world’s top universities, but that’s what happens when students enroll in the Johns Hopkins CTY Talent Search. Beyond that, students receive commendation certificates for completing the testing process, and top scorers receive invitations to regional academic awards ceremonies.

Opportunities Students who take the SCAT and receive qualifying scores can take their academics to the next level, by taking a course with CTY. A CTY course can come right to a student’s door, through CTYOnline, an exciting blended learning experience that connects a student to a challenging curriculum and top instructors in a safe and nurturing online environment.

In addition, CTY’s highly regarded summer courses are offered near Baltimore, Washington, DC, west Los Angeles, Pasadena, and La Jolla, CA.

All Talent Search students can attend CTY’s Family Academic Programs. Our Creative Connections series--one-day or weekend courses offered at art museums, science centers, and aquariums around the country—is especially designed for bright 2nd and 3rd graders to attend with their parents.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth—a world-class resource, within easy reach

Academic talent, like musical or athletic ability, needs to be assessed, developed, and cheered onward. Last year, 60,000 families from the US and worldwide enrolled their children into the CTY Global Talent Search. Enrollment and testing are affordable, and return lasting value through the discovery and opportunities your child will receive, that could make a defining difference in his or her life.

Apply Online (available starting July 15, 2011).

Apply to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 2011-2012 Global Talent Search. 

More information

CTY’s comprehensive website:

More about the CTY Global Talent Search:

Email us:

Get in touch by phone: 410-735-6278

We look forward to receiving your child’s application to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Global Talent Search.