How to Recognize Students Who are Potentially Dangerous

Campus violence is a serious concern and needs to be taken seriously by anyone aware of a potentially violent situation. Some signals that a student is potentially dangerous include:

• Physically violent behavior.

• Verbally threatening or overly aggressive behavior.

• Threatening e-mails or letters.

• Threatening or violent material on academic papers or exams.

• Harassment, including sexual harassment and stalking.

• Possession of a weapon, particularly a firearm.

Sometimes these behaviors are the result of or are exacerbated by mental illness. You need to take appropriate action to protect the potential victim and the student who is potentially dangerous. If the danger appears imminent you should contact campus security (410-516-7777) or 911 immediately for assistance. If you are uncertain about the course of action to take, it is recommended you contact any or all of the following for consultation and or assistance.

1.) Your department chair.

2.) The Dean of Student Life at 410-516-8208.

3.) The Counseling Center at 410-516-8278.

4.) Homewood campus security at 410-516-7777 or Peabody security at 410-234-4600.