If a student’s needs can be better met by another agency or treatment provider, he/she is referred out on a voluntary basis to that resource. We will work with you to help you find the best provider(s) and will strive to arrange that they are in your insurance plan.

Insurance Information

Students at the University may purchase the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan. In an arrangement with Aetna, students who are insured by this plan may have their deductible reduced if they are referred out by the Counseling Center. Please speak with your counselor about this if you are receiving a referral. The Counseling Center will make every effort to provide all students who receive referrals with names of providers in their insurance plan, whether it is Aetna Student Health or another plan.

For more information about the University’s insurance plan, please click here:

For details about enrolling in the University’s Student Health insurance plan, please contact Martha Gamble in the Registrar’s office at 410-516-8080 or