The Counseling Center provides services to assist students in meeting their personal and mental health needs and goals.  The Center has the resources to provide individual and group therapy  as well as psychiatric consultations to meet the needs of most students. These services are free of charge.

For those students whose needs may be better met outside the Center, we will help provide referrals which are compatible with your insurance plan

In addition, the Center offers consultations to students, faculty, staff and parents on questions about situations and issues related to students and student-life problems.

The Center also offers workshops to enhance students' personal growth and development. Workshops may include such topics as Dealing with Grief, Performance Anxiety, Managing Stress, Dealing with Depression and How to Recognize Students who may be Distressed.  Additional programming is also available to residence halls and to other organizations and departments on campus.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services, or to request a workshop.