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Our mission is to find ways to improve the functions of the mind and the brain. Our current focus is on aspects of speech, language (including the conceptual abilities required for thought), and learning and memory. We are currently working with individuals with autism (especially those with little or no speech), aphasia, amnesia, with age-related conditions (including Alzheimer's disease), women who have had chemotherapy, and healthy individuals with a range of abilities.

The methods we are using to investigate these conditions and these individuals include neuropsychological assessment (both clinical and research), specialized behavioral tasks, pupillometry, eye-movement recording, event-related potential measures, and computational modeling. To try to improve cognitive and brain function, we use behavioral methods (specialized learning and teaching techniques), as well as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

Our goals are pursued by a diverse, multidisciplinary team, including: behavior therapists, speech and language pathologists, educators, a biomedical engineer, research and clinical psychologists, biostatisticians, library researchers, and a behavioral neurologist/cognitive neuroscientist. 

Our efforts have been funded by individuals and their families and by groups ranging from the U.S. Federal Government (the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense) to private foundations.



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Congratulations to Dr. Jason van Steenburgh for winning the International Neuropsychological Society’s 2014 Nelson Butters Award for his abstract tittled "Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Changes Frontoparietal Control Network Connectivity Associated with Working Memory Performance in High-Functioning Autism"

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