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Today's Announcements for Students

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The Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus employs a "one-a-day" system of broadcast e-mail messages for students, faculty and staff. Each day, a single "Today's Announcements" e-mail message will be sent to Homewood full-time undergraduate and graduate students. A separate single message will be sent to campus faculty and staff.

The Today's Announcements messages will contain very brief summaries of the day's announcements and a link to a Web page where the full announcements may be found.

The daily announcements may also be accessed directly from the Web at the following addresses:
Today's Announcements are meant primarily to convey information and announcements from the university intended for the attention of the entire Homewood student body or for all Homewood campus employees (including those at Eastern and Mount Washington). The system may also be used by student groups, offices, departments and other Johns Hopkins organizations to publicize their activities.

Announcements will be made one time. Follow-up announcements on the same subject generally are not allowed. The system does, however, allow announcements to remain "live" on the "Today's Announcements" Web page until a designated expiration date. Ordinarily, announcements that are not outdated will be allowed to remain "live" for a maximum of two weeks.

Today's Announcements is a service intended for Johns Hopkins-related news and information only. Announcements will not be made for outside groups or non-Johns Hopkins events. Announcements of a personal nature are not allowed. Announcements may not be political or ideological in character, although they may publicize events that are political or ideological in nature and sponsored by Johns Hopkins organizations or entities. Announcements of job openings are not permitted.

Announcements should be as concise as possible and consist only of text. When it is necessary to publish lengthy detailed information, forms, PDFs, Word documents, images or other material, the announcement should include a link to a separate Web page outside the Today's Announcements system where that material may be found.

Announcements may not be anonymous. They must include at least one name, with that person's Johns Hopkins title or affiliation and contact information. 

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs and the Office of Student Life may edit announcements for clarity, length and conformance with these policies or for any other reason in their sole discretion. Communications and Public Affairs and Student Life may decline to publish an announcement or may return it for revision in their sole discretion. Exceptions to these policies may be granted in appropriate circumstances by Communications and Public Affairs or Student Life in their sole discretion.

Only emergency notifications and official announcements of unusual importance will be transmitted to Homewood campus students, faculty and staff outside this "one-message-a-day" Today's Announcements system. Requests for emergency broadcasts should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at 443-287-9960 or be submitted to

To submit an announcement for Today's Announcements, please use the submission form. Please fill out the form completely. Please be especially careful to correctly note whether your proposed announcement is intended for the student audience, the faculty and staff audience, or both.

Include the name, title or affiliation, and phone number or e-mail address (or both) of someone who can answer questions or provide more information. That name and contact information must be included in the body of the announcement. (This requirement is in addition to the name and contact information of the person actually submitting the announcement, which must be filled in on the Web form).

Today's Announcements generally will be transmitted in the early morning hours Monday through Friday, except holidays. Today's Announcements for students may not be transmitted during breaks and over the summer.

Announcements submitted by 12 noon on a business day generally will be eligible to be transmitted in the Today's Announcements message on the following business day. Earlier submission is preferred and advisable, however, since Communications and Public Affairs or Student Life may have questions about your proposed announcement. Also, the volume of announcements on a particular day may make it impossible for staff to process every submission.

Announcements intended for audiences university-wide (that is, at all campuses, not just Homewood) should be submitted to Dennis O'Shea, executive director of communications and public affairs, at He will advise you on procedures. Early submission is greatly preferred. Note: Publicity for events generally is not permitted in university-wide broadcast e-mail.

Questions on Today's Announcements should be submitted

Updated June 2006


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