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We have made some important changes to Today’s Announcements, and we want to make sure you know how this will affect you.
Many of you won’t notice much of a difference at all—you’ll still receive a rundown of important university announcements and events in your inbox each weekday.

But if you are counted on to submit announcements or events to be included in Today's Announcements emails, you’ll notice a few changes:

  1. We’ll ask you to differentiate between submissions that are announcements and submissions that are events. Both will be included in Today’s Announcements, but events will also be added to the Hub’s universitywide calendar.
  2. The web pages where you submit announcements and events will be different.
  3. The Today’s Announcements email will look a bit different—it will include a list of announcements followed by a list of events scheduled for the next two days.


Why are we making these changes? First, we want to make Today’s Announcements more informative and take advantage of the growing number of events published on the Hub. Second, we want to eliminate redundant work for those of you who post and promote events. Now with a single submission, your event will be published in the Hub’s events listings and included twice in Today’s Announcements.

Questions? We think we’ve covered everything in our Today’s Announcements FAQ, but we encourage you to send questions or feedback to


The Today's Announcements team




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