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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

Johns Hopkins Animal Care and Use Program

      2016 Protocol Schedule
Protocols Due
Meeting Dates
   January 4
   January 21
   February 1
   February 18
   March 1
   March 17
   April 1
   April 21
   May 2
   May 19
   June 1
   June 16
   July 1
   July 21
   August 1
   August 18
   September 1
   September 15
   October 3
   October 20
   November 1
   November 17
   December 1
   December 15

Quick Links

Animal Care and Use Online Training
Animal Exposure Surveillance Program Questionnaire
Johns Hopkins "Blue Book"

The next RODENT SURGERY* class will be held on 6/9/16.

The next RODENT HANDLING* class will be held on 7/14/16. 

Space is limited so sign up early.

For more information contact the ACUC office at

*These classes are optional




Animal Care and Use Online Training can be found under "Quick Links" or through "Important Links".  Pop-up Blocker must be turned OFF and you must have Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher. If you experience any problems please call our office at 443-287-3738.     


**ATTENTION Buprenorphine Users**

We have added a new policy (found under Policies and Guidelines) for use of extended release formulations of buprenorphine. These formulations are designed to eliminate the need for multiple dosing. If you are currently approved to use buprenorphine as an analgesic agent and would like to use one of these formulations we are allowing a substitution without the requirement of an amendment.  If you are not currently approved to use buprenorphine and would like to add this as an option then an amendment will need to be submitted.  The new policy provides a description of the drugs, dosing and ordering information.  Please note that the Animalgesics product is currently unavailable. 



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