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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

Instructions for purchasing Buprenorphine SR and SRLab from ZooPharm:

Related documents: See "Buprenorphine sustained release use policy" under Policies and Guidelines


  1.  To place your order, print out the species-specific form below and fill in the necessary information.
  2.  E-mail the filled out form to  Make sure to include the protocol # which pertains to the prescription in the e-mail.
  3.  The veterinarian will then sign the prescription and send the order to ZooPharm.  A confirmation that the order has been placed will be sent to the PI within ~3-4 business days. 


IMPORTANT:  Make sure lab members read this INFORMATION SHEET .  

**Note- Buprenorphine SR or Buprenorphine SRLab cannot be diluted due to the specific formulation.


PRESCRIPTION FORMS BY SPECIES (click on form corresponding to your species):

If there is no preprinted prescription form for your species you will need to have buprenorphine SR in your approved protocol or submit an amendment to add it to your protocol.


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine - cat


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine - guinea pig


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine - macaque


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine  - mouse


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine - rat


Prescription form for SR buprenorphine - swine






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