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About the JHU Animal Care and Use Program

Johns Hopkins Animal Care and Use Program

      2015 Protocol Schedule
Protocols Due
Meeting Dates
   January 2
   January 15
   February 2
   February 19
   March 2
   March 19
   April 1
   April 16
   May 1
   May 21
   June 1
   June 18
   July 1
   July 16
   August 3
   August 20
   September 1
   September 17
   October 1
   October 15
   November 2
   November 19
   December 1
   December 17

Quick Links

Animal Care and Use Online Training
Animal Exposure Surveillance Program Questionnaire
Johns Hopkins "Blue Book"

The next RODENT SURGERY* class will be held on 2/12/15.

The next RODENT HANDLING* class will be held on 3/12/15. 

Space is limited so sign up early.

For more information contact Nadia Desir at

*These classes are optional




Animal Care and Use Online Training can be found under "Quick Links" or through "Important Links".  Pop-up Blocker must be turned OFF and you must have Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher. If you experience any problems please call our office at 443-287-3738.       


IMPORTANT NEWS from the Office of Laboratory Medicine (OLAW) for federally funded grant applicants:

The AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals 2013 Edition has been published in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts on August 7, 2013. After September 1, 2013, the Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS) of grants and contracts must be consistent with the 2013 Guidelines. In their submission to NIH, grant applicants and contract offerors are required to describe any method of euthanasia to be used and the reasons for its selection and to state whether the method proposed is consistent with the 2013 AVMA Guidelines. If the proposed method is not consistent with the AVMA Guidelines, a scientific justification must be included in the VAS.


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