General Outline and Format for Proposals

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Before preparing a proposal, please contact Vice Provost Dr. Ed Roulhac immediately for assistance pertaining to the following forms of substantive change for which Johns Hopkins University is obligated by either the Middle States Commission on Higher Education or the U.S. Department of Education Office of Student Financial Aid to provide adequate notification. 

1.  Significant institutional mission change

2.  Distance education                                              

3.  Higher degree or credential level

4.  Contractual agreements

5.  Non-credit offerings that affect mission

6.  New sites/locations, branch campuses, additional locations

7.  Rapid growth

8.  Mergers, changes in legal status, form, control, ownership

9.  Site closure

10. Institutional closure

11. Clock/credit hour substantive change

IMPORTANT.  Recent changes to existing Federal policy affecting notifications regarding MSCHE’s “New sites/locations, branch campuses and additional locations” and MHEC’s “New degree programs, majors and certificates” require prompt appropriate action to avoid significant institutional and divisional accreditation-related problems. Under provisions of the new Higher Education Opportunity Act, the “effective date for Substantive Change approval cannot be retroactive.” At the first sign that a notification is required, prompt action is critical regarding the same. Going forward, here are the key dates and time frames for MSCHE’s receipt, review and approval of all future notifications.  In your planning, please anticipate these time frames well in advance.

Submit report by:    For MSCHE Executive Committee action in:
September 1  October
November 1December
January 1 February
March 1April
May 1 June
July 1August

Please contact Vice Provost Dr. Ed Roulhac immediately if you have questions or need further information.