3rd Annual Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health
Squandered Resources: Incarceration--Its Consequences, Costs and Alternatives

Jointly Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Urban Health Institute

April 28, 2014

Johns Hopkins Medical Campus - Turner Auditorium
720 Rutland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205


Baltimore's future holds infinite promise, yet too often the city's best assets are silenced by the policies and practices of our criminal justice system. The Third Annual Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health, Squandered Resources: Incarceration-Its Consequences, Costs and Alternatives, will bring together experts from the academic community in Baltimore and across the country together with local community leaders to tackle this pressing issue and work toward ensuring healthier, safer lives for Baltimore's youth today and tomorrow.

The symposium will feature panels of leading experts in the fields of public policy, economics, and social science, ex-offenders and a special panel of community organizers working to improve the livelihoods of both ex-offenders and their communities.

Speakers will include:

  • James Garbarino
  • Tom LaVeist
  • Chris Wildeman
  • Vesla Weaver
  • Joe Jones
  • Bruce Western
  • Brother Bey
  • Beatriz Luna
  • Nancy La Vigne
  • Congressman Elijah Cummings (invited)

Presented by the Office of the Provost and the Urban Health Institute, the symposium invites students and faculty from all 16 Baltimore colleges and universities, community members, and all interested colleagues locally and nationally join the discussion on April 28th, 2014 in Turner Auditorium on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. For more information and to register, please visit www.regonline.com/SDH2014.

View presentations and videos from the 2013 Symposium

For more information, please contact:
Laura Covarrubias