PURA Selection Process

Awardees are selected by the PURA Selection Committee (see below), which primarily focuses on the overall quality and creativity of the proposals. In addition, Selection Committee members have a particular obligation to evaluate the proposals carried out in their respective academic division (Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing or Peabody). Selection Committee members may seek the advice and counsel of faculty sponsors prior to final selection.

Given the diversity of our academic and research programs, we encourage and expect research proposals in a diverse range of disciplines and subject matters. Peabody proposals will, by nature, differ from proposals in arts and sciences and engineering. Peabody undergraduates are eligible to submit proposals for the development and presentation of projects involving performance or original composition.

As secondary criteria, the PURA Selection Committee may consider the divisional distribution of the awards. Excellence being equal, we hope to see successful proposals submitted from each of the undergraduate areas at Johns Hopkins.

PURA Selection Committee

The PURA Selection Committee is chaired by Denis Wirtz, Vice Provost for Research. The Selection Committee comprises faculty representatives from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Whiting School of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Peabody Conservatory. Other faculty members may be asked to serve formally or informally on the committee as dictated by the composition of proposals. The broad university representation on the PURA Selection Committee reflects our encouragement of research across the undergraduate student population.