Summer 2013 PURA Recipients

Recipient Name

Proposal Title

Faculty Sponsor

Maani Archang

Hepatic Stellate Cell-Targeted miRNA Nanoparticles to Treat Cirrhosis Using Retrograde Intrabiliary Infusion

Dr. Hai-Quan Mao

Alessandra Bautze

WHAT SOPHIE SAW Film Production

Ms. Meredith Ward

Deirdre Caffrey

Using the Six-minute Walk Test as a Screening Tool for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in a Community Setting (Lima, Peru)

Dr. William Checkley

Caryn Carson

Analyzing the Role of SUMO in Protein Misfolding Stress

Dr. Michael Matunis

Henry Chen

The Impact of the United States Farm Bill on International Trade

Dr. Renee Marlin Bennett

Alexander Crits-Christoph

Adaptations of Endolithic Microbial Communities to UV Exposure

Dr. Jocelyne DiRuggiero

Diego A. Espinoza

miRNA-Target Networks in SIV-infected and INF-Treated Macaque Astrocytes

Dr. Kenneth W. Witwer

Albert Feeny

Measuring Intrinsic Repolarization Lability

Dr. Larisa Tereshchenko

Bethany Flaherty

The Effects of Spatiotemporal Continuity on Change Blindness

Dr. Justin Halberda

Sarah Furlong

Do Children Have Massive Memory for Visual Images?

Dr. Barbara Landau

Anna Lynne Gilmour

A Novel Paradigm for Studying the Neural and Hormonal Mechanisms of Female Appetitive Behavior

Dr. Gregory Ball

David Glover

Recovery of Somatosensory Cortex Function through Optogenetics Stimulation of Cortical Neuronal Activity

Dr. Galit Pelled

Andrew Griswold

Iron (II) Catalyzed Difluorination of Acid Chlorides

Dr. Thomas Lectka

Jordan Hoffman

Temporally Modeling Changing Stochastic Processes Using Monte Carlo Markov Models

Dr. Colin Norman

Julia Huerta

The Effect of Cumulative Abuse on Mental Health Outcomes Among African American and African Caribbean Women

Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell

Joshua Kays

Characterizing Tissue Micro-architecture for Applications in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

Dr. Justin Hanes

Jin Wan (Julian) Kim

The Effects of Nitrosylation on Thorase Neuron Protection

Dr. Valina Dawson

Malinda Jeanette McPherson

Neural Substrates of Emotion Processing During Musical Improvisation

Dr. Charles Limb

Praneeth Sadda

A Surgical Navigation System with a Head Mounted Tracking System and Augmented Reality Display

Dr. Peter Kazanzides

Eva Schulteis

Sub-Plate Neurons in Mouse Models of Schizophrenia

Dr. Solange Brown

Chanon Tuntivate

Studying the Effect of Temperature on Blunt End Stacking of DNA Origami Tiles

Dr. Rebecca Schulman

Zixiao (Andrew) Wang

Role of CtBP2 in Embryonic Retinal Development

Dr. Donald Zack


Fall 2013 PURA Recipients

Recipient Name

Proposal Title

Faculty Sponsor

Alex Abramson

Micro-Fabrication of Metallic Spikes on Microgrippers for Use in Targeted Drug Delivery

Dr. David Gracias

Brandon (Jay) Bhasin

Computational Modeling of Microvascular Networks in Murine Skeletal Muscle

Dr. Feilim Mac Gabhann

Ruu Harn Cheng

Representing the Size of the Space in the Brain

Dr. Soojin Park

Willa Cochran

Migrant Women as Reproductive Health Educators via Social Remittances

Dr. Nicole Warren

Erica Fuhrmeister

A Quantitative Approach to Fecal Contamination and Sanitation

Dr. Edward Bouwer

Matthew Gonzalez

Controlled Synthesis and Characterization of Alloy Nanoparticles

Dr. Chao Wang

Mahdieh Hosseini

Understanding Emerging Latino-Muslim Communities in the United States

Dr. Juan M. Obarrio

Pattawan Jareonvongrayab

Novel Metric “Interloop Distance” and Early Repolarization ECG Phenomenon

Dr. Larisa Tereshchenko

Hyun Ji (Sarah) Kim

Characterization of Brain Tumor Model Systems

Dr. Denis Wirtz

Bryan Kohrs

Investigating the Mechanism of Multidrug Transcription Initiation of BmrR

Dr. Herschel Wade

Ivan Kuznetsov

A Quantitative Model of Blood-Brain Barrier Efflux Transport

Dr. Peter Searson

Sun Joo Lee

HIF-Dependent Expressions of ITG?5 and ITG?1 Mediate Breast Cancer Cell Adhesion to Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis

Dr. Gregg Semenza

Minhyae (April) Lee

Axon-Cancer Interactions in a Novel Microfluidic Device

Dr. Pankaj Pasricha/Dr. In Hong Yang

Albert Lu

The Regulation of DICER and its Impact on HIV-1

Dr. Kenneth W. Witwer

Sharon Ong

Investigate Whether Different Wavelength Sensitive Cones have Distinct Contributions to Non-Image Forming Functions

Dr. Samer Hattar

Carlene Partow

The Relationship between Sleep Hours, Emotional Memory and Neurophysiological Response

Dr. Michael A. Yassa

Rajan Patel

A Novel Approach for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment using Immunotherapy Targeting Tau Pathologies

Dr. Tong Li

Parth Patel

Hypoxia Induced Differentiation of Vascular Cells from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Dr. Sharon Gerecht

Amy Schettino

Can Enrichment and Exercise Mitigate the Effects of Noise-Accelerated Hearing Loss?

Dr. Amanda Lauer

Kyu Man Sim

Developing In Vivo Cre-Dependent Gene Knock-Down System in Adeno-Associated Virus

Dr. Hongjun Song

Ernest So

Modeling Cell Growth in Fission Yeast using Level Set Methods

Dr. Pablo A. Iglesias

Puchong Thirawatananond

Investigating the Genetic and Molecular Link of Kidney Hypertrophy to Atherosclerosis

Dr. Subroto Chatterjee

Samuel Zorowitz

Counterfactual Reasoning and Distributive Justice

Dr. Colin Wilson