Summer 2014 PURA Recipients

Recipient Name
Proposal Title
Faculty Sponsor
Jordan BakerCarotenoid and Lipid Production in Photoautotrophic MicroalgaeDr. Michael BetenbaughWSE
Brett BrodskyA human stem cell model for studying genetic mutations in an inherited neurodevelopmental diseaseDr. Linzhao ChengKSAS
Weitong (Jeron) ChenViscoelastic Characterization of Cancer Cells during MitosisDr. Denis WirtzWSE
MacIntosh CornwellQuantitative Analysis of Epigenetic Organization within Nuclei using FISHDr. Winston TimpWSE
Abby DowlingCaribbean Men's StudyDr. Jacquelyn CampbellSON
Stacy GilDeveloping a web-based educational applet on the cerebral vasculartureDr. Arvind PathakWSE
Saksham GuptaAn Analysis of E3 Ubiquitin Ligases in C9ORF72-related ALSDr. Thomas LloydKSAS
Seal-Bin HanDevelopment of miniaturized cochlear implant device for use in miceDr. Amanda LauerWSE
Sarah Hewes3D printing of functional hydrogel-encapsulated microvesselsDr. Peter SearsonWSE
Yijia HuHaploperoside C and its regulation of SAICAR and cancer cell growthDr. Young-Sam LeeKSAS
Peter KaluginElucidating the role of intraflagellar transport in primary ciliaDr. Takanari InoueKSAS
David (Nam-Woo) KimMolecular mechanisms of Huntington's DiseaseDr. Solomon SnyderKSAS
Andrew LandauNotes, sequences and melodies: The Relationship Between Tempo and Auditory Object EncodingDr. Charles LimbPeabody
Isaiah LevyTargeting Tumor Suppressor MicroRNAs in Pediatric LeukemiaDr. Linda ResarWSE
Daniel ContaldoDocumenting the Libera Program in ItalyDr. Bernadette WegensteinKSAS
Carrie MokDeveloping RNA Aptamers that Target HMGA1Dr. Linda ResarWSE
Pavlos PachidisBreast cancer cell migration in confinement: The contact-guided dilemma between channels of different widthsDr. Konstantinos KonstantopoulosWSE
Edward (Ned) SamsonHow do humans synchronize movements with an external rhythm?Dr. Noah CowanWSE
Siqi TanCharacterization of LOXL2 Protein for Applications in Vascular StiffnessDr. Lakshmi SanthanamWSE
Jai ThakorMiniBrain-Modeling Double Cortex Syndrome with iPSCs and Cerebral OrganoidsDr. Kimberly ChristianKSAS
Carolyn XueEffect of Anti-ulcer Agent, Geranylgeranylacetone, on Cardiac Toxicity of Doxorubicon when treating and imaging Acute Myeloid Leukemia CellsDr. Kathleen GabrielsonKSAS


Fall 2014 PURA Recipients

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