PURA: Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards

The PURA program affords Johns Hopkins University students unique opportunities to conduct undergraduate research. Founded in 1993 on the belief that encouraging undergraduates to engage in research activity enhances the learning experience and helps to develop investigative skills, the PURA program is an important part of the university’s mission.

About PURA Grants

  • Awarded in amounts up to $2,500 (maximum of $2,000 for stipend - to cover living expenses). Stipends are subject to tax.
  • Used to defray costs associated with investigations
  • Enable students to develop critical research skills such as proposal writing and project management
  • Offer students the option of conducting their research for academic credit
  • Freshmen, sophomores and juniors from all disciplines are encouraged to apply (seniors are ineligible)
  • Results to be shared with university community in a poster session

Guided by a full-time faculty sponsor, PURA research is designed by the student and can take many forms. From literature to light-detection, DNA to depression, the PURA program has enabled undergraduates to study all manner of subjects and some have even published their results in professional journals.

The Johns Hopkins University gratefully acknowledges the Hodson Trust, which has donated funding for this program.

See the links on the left side of this page for application information and PURA details.  For more information, please contact the Office of the Provost at (410) 516-8094 or e-mail pura@jhu.edu.