Current PURA Awardees

AY 2014-2015 PURA Awardees (Fall Cycle)

AwardeeProposal TitleFaculty SponsorDivision
Minkyung (Annie) ChoExploiting natural variation to elucidate the mechanisms that control stochastic specification of color-detecting photoreceptors Dr. Robert JohnstonKSAS
Alicia CoronadoInhibition of Mutant Phenotypes in Collective MigrationDr. Denis WirtzWSE/ KSAS
Jeremy FraenkelThe Economics of Currency Boards in Sarawak and British North BorneoDr. Steve HankeKSAS
Jarrett GilgoreHeritage:An Exploration of the Music and Life of Jimmy LyonsDr. Gary ThomasPEA
Alaina GoldSeasonal neuromorphology: Investigating seasonal structural changes in the human brain using MRIDr. Arnold BakkerKSAS
Ioana GrosuRomanian Noun FormationDr. Colin WilsonKSAS
Christopher JouThe Signaling Pathway shaping hypothalamic nucleogenesisDr. Hongjun SongKSAS/ SOM
Barbara KimBiomedical engineering innovation for simplification of neonatal resuscitation in the developing worldDr. Utpal BhalalaWSE/ SOM
Evan KimYouth Culture in Korea and its Relation to the West through an Ethnographic DocumentationDr. Bernadette WegensteinKSAS
Tyler KnowltonParser’s Dilemma: Memory vs. Grammatical Constraints in Sentence ProcessingDr. Akira OmakiKSAS
Chenhao LiOxidative stress and phthalate-induced down-regulation of steroidogenesis in MA-10 Leydig cellsDr. Barry ZirkinWSE/ SPH
Michael McCartin JrCharacterization of a novel cardioprotective mechanism: O-GlcNAc regulated autophagyDr. Natasha ZacharaKSAS/ SOM
Nicole MichelsonSubjective Social Status and Psychosocial Distress in Brain Tumor PatientsDr. Alfredo Quinones-HinojosaKSAS/ SOM/ SPH
Joshua NovackA Novel Crosstalk Mechanism between LINC Complexes and Mechanoresponsive Transcription Factors in Muscle DifferentiationDr. Denis WirtzKSAS/ WSE
Georges ObiedGiant Scattering Cones in Obscured QuasarsDr. Nadia ZakamskaKSAS
Eric OngElectrochemical control over gold nanoparticle interfacial assembly Dr. Joelle FrechetteWSE
Pranay RaoMolecular mechanisms of multicellular growth and invasionDr. Denis WirtzWSE
Benjamin RosserLHC Run2 Data AnalysisDr. Petar MaksimovicKSAS
Yong Kai SawEnergy-Efficient Desalination Enabled by Regenerative Magnetic Nanoprobes Dr. Chao WangWSE
Julie ShadeMechanistic Determination of Optimal Parameters for Pulmonary MPP DeliveryDr. Justin HanesWSE/ SOM
Haziq SiddiqiInteraction between stochastic and deterministic genetic factors in visual nervous system developmentDr. Robert JohnstonKSAS
Momodou SonkoIdentifying Epigenetic Factors in the GnRH Promoter Involved in the Regulation of Pubertal OnsetDr. Sally RadovickKSAS/ SOM
Andrea TheodoruCoulomb Interactions in the Hydrophobic Interior of a Protein: A Quantitative Study of the Forces that Govern Enzyme CatalysisDr. Bertrand Garcia-MorenoKSAS
Shiyu XiaInjectable HAMC-PLGA Composite for Ocular Drug DeliveryDr. Justin HanesWSE/ SOM