About PURA Eligibility

  • All JHU undergraduate students (freshmen; sophomores; juniors; and seniors that will be on campus the following year for the mandatory poster session and recognition ceremony held in the spring of the following academic year) are eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • Award: Financial OR Academic Credit
    • Financial Award: $2,500 fellowship to cover, but not limited to: living expenses; research supplies; payment to volunteers; travel; final poster for “Poster Session and Recognition Ceremony.”
    • Academic Credit maximum of 6 credits for “independent work” upon approval of faculty advisor and departmental academic coordinator. You are still responsible for presenting a poster at the “Poster Session and Recognition Ceremony” at your own expense.
  • You MUST choose either financial award or academic credit. The award may not be split between a financial and credit award.
  • All applicants must follow the online application process. No exceptions will be made with relation to the posted deadlines. All applicants must have a valid JHED ID and a faculty sponsor to proceed.
  • Enables students to develop critical research skills such as proposal writing and project management.
  • Results to be shared with entire university community in a “Poster Session and Recognition Ceremony” held in the spring of the following academic year.
  • A student may only receive a PURA award one (1) time during their undergraduate career at JHU. Qualified undergraduate students may apply as often as possible until such time that they receive an award or leave JHU.

The Johns Hopkins University gratefully acknowledges the Hodson Trust, which has donated funding for this program since its inception in 1993.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Provost at (410) 516-8094 or e-mail pura@jhu.edu.

Eileen Dickey, President of the Hodson Trust with Professor Susan Weiss