Student Representatives
  • Joshua Cape (WSE/KSAS)
  • Amanda Inns (SON/SAIS/SOE)
  • Hilary Robins (BSPH/SOM)

Doctor of Philosophy Board


The President, the Provost, and the Doctor of Philosophy Board are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Ph.D. Innovation Initiative Awards.  The winners were chosen from among 28 applications received from all Ph.D.-granting schools of the university.  The applications were evaluated by a review committee composed of faculty from across the university.  Projects were selected for their contribution to enriching and transforming Ph.D education at Johns Hopkins. Click here for more information!


The Doctor of Philosophy Board advises the Provost about University-wide issues pertaining to the Ph.D. It approves new degree programs and sets guidelines and policies that affect all Ph.D. students. The Board respects the strong tradition of local autonomy of the Schools and seeks to enhance the visibility and prominence of Ph.D. education across the University.


The Board was formed in January 2010. It inherited all University-wide Ph.D. policies that were in place at that time and that had been previously approved by the Graduate Board.


The Board is composed of distinguished faculty whose expertise reflects the broad range of intellectual disciplines represented by the University's Ph.D. programs. The distribution of the members ensures that the full range of intellectual inquiry is represented on the Board. The numbers are chosen not to reflect the size of a school’s Ph.D. program, but rather the diversity of its disciplines. It is composed of eleven voting faculty members, distributed as follows:

  • A Chair, from one of the Homewood Schools
  • Three faculty members from the School of Arts and Sciences, one each from Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences
  • One faculty member from the School of Engineering
  • One faculty member from the School of Advanced International Studies
  • One faculty member from the School of Medicine
  • Two faculty members from the School of Public Health, one each from the Social and Natural Sciences
  • One faculty member from the School of Nursing
  • One faculty member from the School of Education
  • Two ex-officio Ph.D. student representatives (one from the East Baltimore Schools and one from the Homewood Schools or SAIS)

By-laws (*revised September 2015)

Doctor of Philosophy Board PhD Program Review Protocol