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Annual Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences

 Inaugural Science of Learning and 3rd Annual GSI Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences Symposium 

January 13-14, 2014



The university will hold its third annual Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences on Jan. 13th and 14th, 2014. This year, the event will be part of a two-day symposium co-sponsored by the Science of Learning Institute and the Gateway Sciences Initiative. The first day will highlight cognitive learning research; the second day will examine the practical application of techniques, programs, tools, and strategies that promote gateway science learning. The objective will be to explore recent findings about how humans learn and pair those findings with the latest thinking on teaching strategies that work.

This event is free and open to the public.  

Speakers for the symposium include:

Sian Beilock, Psychology, University of Chicago 
Luca Bonatti, Social & Behavioral Sciences, University of Pompeu Fabra
Lisa Feigenson, Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
Regina Frey, Florence Moog Professor of STEM Education, Washington University of St. Louis
Sharon Goldwater, Language, Cognition, & Computation, University of Edinburgh
Greg Hager, Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University 
Takao Hensch, Molecular & Cellular Biology & Neurology, Harvard University
Jim Knierim, Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University
Sarah-Jane Leslie,  Philosophy & Psychology, Princeton University
Margaret Livingstone, Neurobiology, Harvard University
Michael McCloskey, Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University 
Hal Pashler, Psychology, University of California, San Diego    

***Online registration closes on 1/9/2014, however on-site registration will be open from 8-9am on both days of the symposium.

Information on and recordings of the keynote speakers from the 2013 Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning in the Sciences and the 2012 Symposium  have been archived.