Provost’s Fellows Program

The Provost’s Fellows Program provides an opportunity for Johns Hopkins faculty members to study an issue of importance to the university in depth and prepare a set of recommendations to the Provost for implementation.

Current Fellows: 

Director, The Center for Mind-Body Research
Professor, Psychiatry and Behavorial Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Jennifer will focus on developing mentoring programs across the University. Working with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, and guided by the Mentoring Principles developed within the Provost Office, Jennifer will work with Vice Deans for faculty across the university to further define the division-specific mentoring needs and develop appropriate programs. It is expected that time will also be devoted to the special mentoring needs of underrepresented faculty members.  


CHARLES LIMB (2011-Present)
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Faculty, Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory of Music

Charles is collaborating on the Provost Project for Innovation. This project has the goals of identifying, highlighting and fostering innovation within the university. To this end, the concept of innovation is approached broadly through each of the divisions, and with a diverse group of faculty members whose work demonstrates an extraordinary degree of creativity. 


Previous Fellows: 

SEAN FAHEY (2011-2012)
DHS Programs Manager, Applied Information Sciences Department
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Sean is working on improving the ways in which members of the Johns Hopkins community can discover and interact with people, organizations, and activities across the university to enable each of us to make greater impacts in our professional fields. He is designing and implementing an information system which will combine expertise discovery and social networking.


KELLY GEBO (2011-2013)
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Public Health Studies
Johns Hopkins University

Kelly is working on the JUMP initiative, a program to improve undergraduate retention rates, and the transition between freshman and sophomore year particularly among students majoring in the sciences.  She is also participating in the University initiative to review the undergraduate science curriculum in response to the recent AAMC changes in the MCAT. 


JON LORSCH (2012-2013)
Professor, Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine