PURA Award Process

After the awardees are chosen for a cycle (fall or spring), the awardee and their faculty sponsor will be notified via email and their names, proposal title, faculty sponsor and school will be posted on the PURA website. Those not selected will also be notified and will have the opportunity to re-apply for the next open PURA cycle.

For awardees receiving a financial award - We will email the departmental contact (provided by the faculty sponsor) and copy the faculty sponsor requesting a budget code (I/O or CC) to transfer the award to the specified department for the students use. The student should work with their advisor and departmental administrator to coordinate transfer of funds to the student account.

**Note to Departmental Administrative Managers and faculty sponsors – All funds will be transferred at the time of award (so as to be accounted for in that Fiscal Year) and the department of the faculty sponsor will be responsible for administering the funds for the student. It is the responsibility of each department to set up an IO/ CC for student awards or each individual student (at your discretion). It is also the department’s responsibility to set the student up in payroll to receive the fellowship award. PURA funds will NOT be transferred to a faculty discretionary fund under any circumstances.

For awardees receiving academic credit - We will email the departmental contact (provided by the faculty sponsor) and copy the faculty sponsor letting them know to monitor the progress of the project and award the credits of not more than 6 credits when required criteria has been met.

PURA and the Office of the Provost will not be involved in the handling of the awards (both financial and academic credit) once funds have been transferred to (in case of financial awards) or notification has been made (in the case of academic credit) to the requested department.