PURA Poster Session and Recognition Ceremony

Poster Requirements

  • Posters may be either landscape (most common) or portrait in orientation.
  • Posters should measure 3’X4’ (36”X48”) or reverse (4’X3’) for portrait orientation and be finished with the “glossy” finish. (This is the most common format allowing for re-use at other sessions)
  • Posters must include a heading with: Project Title; Student researcher; Faculty Advisor; Department, and School.

Poster Suggestions

We recommend using FedEx/ Kinko's for your poster printing, but you are not limited to them. Poster pricing averages about $125.00. Please remember that the cost of poster printing is your responsibility. There will be no extra funds offered to cover that expense.

In creating your poster, please keep in mind that your display will be viewed simultaneously by several people and that the text and figure size should be sufficient to insure legibility.

Although students will ordinarily stand alongside their posters to answer questions about them, each display should be self-explanatory - that is, it should be interpretable without elaborate oral comment by the presenter.

In some cases, projects may be presented more effectively through alternative means. We encourage you to consult your faculty sponsor if you feel that a poster would not best convey your project results. Occasionally, performances or demonstrations are allowed in lieu of posters. A limited number of such presentations may be considered for inclusion in the PURA recognition program. If, after consulting your faculty sponsor, you wish to present your work in such a manner, please contact us to guarantee acceptance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Provost at 410-516-8094 or email ResearchAwards@jhu.edu.