PURA Faculty Sponsor Information

Faculty sponsors are critical to the PURA program. Any full-time faculty member can serve as a sponsor. Faculty sponsors are responsible for reviewing the candidate's proposal prior to submission, providing letters of support for the proposal and being available for consultation with the PURA Selection Committee during its proposal review period.

As faculty sponsor you will be asked to upload a sponsorship letter (in PDF format) as well as complete an online form asking for the following information:

  • Your title; first and last name
  • Your email; phone number; and campus address
  • Your school/ division and Dean/ Director
  • Your primary department and department chair
  • Your departmental budget coordinator
  • Your departmental academic coordinator
  • The name of the student you are sponsoring
  • The title of the student’s project
  • A brief evaluation of the project including its impact/ importance in the field, your department and/ or your work; the feasibility of the project with the time and funding allotted; and the student’s ability to complete this project.

This information MUST be completed for your student to move forward with their application.

Faculty sponsors for selected projects are also expected to meet with the student and monitor progress throughout the project. Funds from the award are available to the student to defray the costs of this support. In the case of request for academic credit, the faculty advisor will need to recommend the amount of credit earned (up to 6 credits) based on the amount of work and quality of the project.

Sponsors are also expected to participate in the annual PURA poster session, recognition ceremony and reception held the following spring (example: 2014 PURA participants will be acknowledged in the spring 2015). All awardees will present their research results at the poster session. Faculty sponsors, senior academic officers and other university officials will be in attendance. The event is also open to the entire JHU community and their families.