PURA Application Guidelines

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Completed PURA applications must include each of the following:

1. PURA Application Form

2. Student Research Proposal

3. Faculty Sponsor Form

** It is critical to include the Departmental Budget Coordinator’s name (to aid in transfer of funds after award is received) and the Departmental Academic Coordinator’s name (to aid in proper reporting of academic credit earned and departmental recognition).

4. Faculty Letter of Recommendation

To enable your faculty sponsor to complete their form (3) and submit their letter of recommendation (4) on your behalf, you must create an account and fill in the portion of the application form that pertains to your faculty sponsor: Faculty Sponsor's Information. You can fill in just this portion of the application, if you are not yet ready to apply completely, as long as you save as you go. Your completion of the data triggers an email to your sponsor and they can then fill in their forms.

All files must be saved in PDF format. Word Documents will not be accepted. When saving your PDF file, please use the following format as file name: last name_first name_project title. For example, student John Smith should name his files as follows: Smith_John_My PURA Project title.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact ResearchAwards@jhu.edu or call 410-516-8094.

PURA Proposal Guidelines


Use Arial or Times New Roman font, size 11 or 12. Do not exceed three (3) pages plus graphics and/or references.


What is the hypothesis, if any, to be tested? What question or problem does this project address?



Why is this study or work important?



The project must represent the innovation, originality and creativity of the student.


Project Design

How do you plan to execute your project? What will be your methods and timetable?



What courses and other experiences have prepared you to undertake this project?



What is the expected outcome of this project?



What form will your final project/ report take? (poster, performance, film, etc.)



List schedule of meetings with faculty advisor to review progress of project. These should occur on a regular basis throughout the length of the project to ensure progress is being made and research is on track.