Denis Wirtz
Vice Provost for Research

265 Garland Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 516-8094

Susannah Porterfield
Associate Vice Provost for Research

Michael Matunis
Provost's Fellow

Julie Messersmith
Director of Research Initiatives

Tracy Smith
Research Awards Program Manager & Senior Administrative Coordinator

See the 2016-2017 Catalyst Cohort here


The Johns Hopkins Catalyst Awards were announced in 2015 by the president, provost, and the deans of the University. These grant awards of up to $75,000 support the promising research and creative endeavors of early career faculty at Johns Hopkins with the goal of launching them on a path to a sustainable and rewarding academic career.

The program encompasses not only funding but also mentoring opportunities and the chance to join a cohort of peers at a similar stage in their career. The funds will be allocated on a competitive basis in response to this Request for Applications (RFA).  

Application Guidelines

2015-2016 Catalyst Cohort

2016-2017 Catalyst Cohort


Administrative questions about the application process can be addressed by contacting: Denis Wirtz, Vice Provost for Research or Sue Porterfield, Assistant Vice Provost for Research through Tracy Smith at or 410-516-8094.